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Malpas Court Primary School

Where children learn to live and live to learn in an ever changing world


Welcome to Malpas Court Nursery


Miss Short welcomes you to our Nursery class page. In our Nursery we have Miss Short who is the Nursery teacher, along with Mrs Pearson and Miss Thomas our Nursery teaching assistants. Please look at our class page to keep updated on our topic, photos of what the children have been learning, events and information.


In Malpas Court Nursery we aim to nurture children's wellbeing alongside developing Literacy, Numeracy and curricular skills through facilitating a broad range of rich, multi-sensory, explorative, authentic learning experiences both indoors and outdoors. We value the  importance of outdoor learning where Nursery pupil's are encouraged to access daily throughout the year. The natural environment is invigorating which offers unique learning opportunities through seasonal changes and observing natural phenomena where children can make sense of the world by observing, touching, smelling, tasting and listening. These activities help increase levels of personal, social, emotional wellbeing, independence and risk taking, cross- curricular learning, physical development, collaboration, levels of engagement, problem solving and schematic development. We encourage child-led, co-constructive learning where children's experiences and interests inform practitioners of the direction of each child's learning journey which is specifically appropriate to them. We enjoy and are extremely grateful for all the help from families, friends of the school such as Malpas Court House where John Cox and the staff have been very generous and we look forward to continue to working with them further. 

We are keen for the children to develop their speaking and listening skills through listening to stories and learning nursery rhymes and action songs. We have family story time and nursery rhyme sessions. Also we provide a book and nursery rhyme weekly in book bags which is fun for the children to do at home.

We have family Forest School sessions every term.These include Autumn walks, chocolate coin hunts in the woods at Christmas with a Father Christmas visit and Easter egg hunts and Summer events. All of these sessions include craft, cooking activities with a fire for cooking toast marshmallows and hot chocolate.


We would like to give a warm welcome to all the children for a new year at our Nursery. It has been a joy to meet you and your families over the past few days.  


We would like to share a few little bits of information ready for the rest of this term. 


Snack Times 

In nursery we will provide a snack and milk every day for a donation of £1 a week. This money allows us to provide various fruit, toast and other healthy snacks as well as purchase cooking and gardening equipment.  


You will not need to send your child in with any refreshments as we will provide these. 


A little reminder 

Please can you ensure that all your child’s clothing including shoes are labelled with their names so they can be returned to you 


Class Dojo 


This term we are introducing an exciting new way of sharing information with you. This is called Class Dojo. This will allow us to share letters, reminders and exciting news about what is going on in nursery with you digitally. Class Dojo also allows us to celebrate your child’s work and show you the fabulous activities that we have been enjoying. It can be used on various devices as well as on a web browser at  


We will be sending letters home shortly containing details of how to set up an account to use this for your child. When this is set up we will be going paper free and using this to share important news with you. If you need any more information about this please speak to Miss Thomas  


Have a lovely weekend  

Miss Short, Miss Thomas and Miss Parsons  


Welcome to the new Nursery children and parents alongside our amazing Rising Threes who settled so quickly from January 2020. It was lovely to meet you and we are really looking forward to starting in September.

Transition arrangements

Due to the present circumstances, our transition will be slightly longer than usual. Mrs Haven has kindly sent out information on your child's transition.

Parents have been invited to an informal, welcome induction meeting on either Thursday 3rd or Friday 4th September. This will provide the opportunity to go through the information in the handbooks and discuss our exciting new parent/ school digital communication links. It will also enable us to talk about the transition of your child and discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Staff will be in school from Tuesday 1st September, so if you have any questions prior to this, myself, Mrs Haven or Miss Ellaway will be available.

It will be fantastic to see you. 

An enormous thank you

I have been quite overwhelmed by the kindness of the Nursery parents and families. I have loved working with the children and am very grateful for all the special messages, beautiful cards and presents. Wishing you all well and hope to catch up in September.

Nursery Reports

Nursery reports can be collected from the main office during the morning of Thursday 9th July.



Activity Packs

There are activity packs available to help develop the children's Literacy and Numeracy skills. The Hungry Caterpillar pencil control and number activities are great fun. Also there is a sound, number formation and word pack.

Having Fun in the Nursery Bubble

It has been wonderful to talk to the children and families on the phone and for some of the pupils to return to the Nursery. We have enjoyed drawing our Mums, making mosaic and clay heart decorations to display in class. Also we have had lots of fun playing with our heart balloons and feeding the birds in the Nursery garden. 

Magnificent Mini-beasts!


Our topic this term is about mini- beasts where we will be looking at lots of diiferent insects. We will read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Greedy Bee, The Angry Ladybird and look at factual books. Children can draw their favourite part of the story and make picture books. We can sing nursery rhymes and number songs such as Incy Wincy Spider. The children can go on a minibeast hunt and make a pictogram of the insects they see. They can count out fruit and make simple additions such as two banannas and three apples etc. The children can make simple repeating patterns with fruit and paint symmetrical butterflies. The children can paint minibeasts on pebbles/ stones and paper plates and make collages with recycled materials. They can make a mini-beast hotel there are lots of ideas on pintrest. It is useful if the children can continue to practise writing their name, numbers and read the sounds and word sheets in their pack. 

                               Lets GrowTogether !

This term our planned topic was gardening even if the children don't have access to a garden there are still lots of fun activities they can do related to our topic.

On their hour daily walk they could collect flowers, leaves and sticks to make collages or do rubbings and printing. They could do simple drawings and paintings. They could make a flower from recycling such as cutting up card/ crisp packets for petals and lids for the centre.

Children could do repeating patterns 1 leaf 1 flower leaf 1 flower. They can count and sort them by size and colour.

We were going to read Jack and the Beanstalk, the children could listen to the story either read from a book or told by an adult and then role play the story. The children could then draw their favourite part of the story or character.

My e-mail address is I would really appreciate it if you could send photos of what we are all doing. I think it would be a fantastic way of keeping in touch- I will join in  too! Also it would be great if any adults or children would like to e-mail me for a chat, send a message or have any questions and if you would like I can phone you back. Missing you all lots and look forward to seeing you and having lots of fun. 


Thank you so much for sending your fantastic family photos. 

smileyIt is so lovely to see you. smiley

             Well done Hallie you learnt to ride your bike on your birthday!

Snapchat-987669314 (1).mp4

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                                                Happy Birthday Hallie!
Well done Mckenna for learning to ride your bike- you kept trying and you did it!

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 Learning at home

Hope everyone is keeping well and the Nursery children are enjoying working through the Literacy, Numeracy and craft activities in their packs.smiley

Here are a few links which provide great learning resources and games; 

  • Top Marks Early Years have lots of great Literacy and Numeracy games.
  • Twinkl has lots of great activities and ideas.
  • Mini Me Yoga and Cosmic Kids have great relaxing sessions to take part in.

In Nursery we love singing nursery rhymes, action songs and number songs. It would be really beneficial and great fun for children to continue with this. Enclosed is a file of nursery rhymes and activities.

It is also useful for children to listen to stories, talk about them and draw a character from the book.

Children can count out groups of 1-5 and then 1- 10 with toys, natural objects such as leaves and sticks or coins. Children could make number cards from old cardboard packaging, they can write over large numbers written by an adult (1-5 and then 1- 10) and then decorate them. 

There are lots of opportunities through practical activities. In the garden children can plant seeds to grow their own flowers and vegetables, draw and do rubbings, make shelters from sticks for their teddies , make wands, perfume or potions with water and leaves, flowers and sticks.

Children can make a minibeast hotel or bird feeder from recycling (lots of ideas on Pintrest).

Cooking also provides fantastic learning experiences, such as making Easter nests with Shredded Wheat and chocolate which encourages children to follow instructions and become aware of what happens when things are heated and cooled. The photos below show some of these activities. Hope you all enjoy lots of fun learning together. 




Hope you enjoy some of these fun ideas!




We really enjoyed all our Commando Joe activities on Sports Relief. 

We had a great time meeting our pets during our family pet morning!

Thank you to all the parents who were kind enough to bring their pets.



                              Happy World Book Day!

 The Nursery children had great fun dressing up and sharing books.

Happy St David's Day.

We enjoyed taking part in the Maplas Court Eisteddfod. We made cawl and had Welsh cakes. 


Perfect Pancakes!

We enjoyed tasting fruit and pancakes.


We are going on a Bear Hunt!

We followed bear prints and found Mr Bear's bag. He sent us a letter and ingredients to make 2 D shape bear sandwiches. We sent letters and drawings to Mr Bear. We made bear headdresses, went on a bear hunt in the woods and had a teddy bears picnic. 


 Welcome to our new Rising Threes and their families. The children have settled into the Nursery very quickly.


Christmas Fun !

Just to say a really big thank you for all the kind food donations for our Christmas party. The children had a fantastic time!

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and look forward to seeing you in 2020. Also we will be welcoming our new Rising Three pupils and helping them to settle into the Nursery.

Family Christmas Forest School


Thank you to all the families who came to our Christmas open morning. We had great fun going on a chocolate coin hunt, meeting father Christmas and getting the chocolate lollies, having a fire and cooking marshmallows and enjoying lots of Christmas activities including making Christmas biscuits. We thoroughly enjoyed ending the session with a little sing song and dance.


Here are some of the comments made by parents.

"Hallie has really enjoyed Christmas forest school morning. There were lots of activities for her to engage in"


"Ollie has enjoyed forest school with his friends. His favourite part was making a biscuit"


"Archie had great fun today. Making bird feeders, painting and making his own biscuit"


"The children loved forest school. There is always so many things for them to do, and they love getting creative.