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Malpas Court Primary School

Where children learn to live and live to learn in an ever changing world


                  Welcome to Reception

Miss Francis and Miss Hughes Welcome you to the Reception Class Page


Miss Francis is the Class Teacher in Reception & Miss Hughes is the Teaching Assistant.

We also have Miss Harris who supports us in the mornings.


Please keep and eye out on our class page for information about the class, photos of what the children have been getting up to and information about the topics we will be doing.






Good Morning all!!

Yay! Its Friday :) Last message today, before you can enjoy some down time over the Easter Holidays :)

As it would have been Physical Friday in school, here is a link for you to try out at home.

Boys, if you don't fancy this one, why not try out 5 minutes of this, like we have done in school


On another note, over the Easter holidays, why don't you make an Easter card and send it in the post to someone special.

Here are a few examples:

Ask your parents to help you with things like the address, and take a walk to the post box and post it :)

I'm sure it would brighten up their day :)


Don't forget, there are a few creative Easter Activities on purple mash 2DO. 

I hope you have a lovely Easter everyone, and parents, have a well deserved break from Home Schooling.


Just remember, you are doing an amazing job!

YOU and your families are still SAFE! YOU are still LOVED.

You aren't failing at anything - You are surviving everything!!

Take Care everyone. Stay safe.





Good Morning Everyone

How are you all doing? Myself and Miss Hughes are really missing seeing you every day now. Its tough not being able to see you and hear your stories on a daily basis.

I hope your all keeping safe with your families.

Here is something fun for you to do today.

Can you build the biggest, most creative DEN with your parents! The bigger the better. Use all the soft furnishings, such as cushions, blankets, throws.

We cannot wait to see your photos!!

Please email them over to

Hopefully we will get to see each other soon!

Miss Francis & Miss Hughes

More Photos of Home Learning!

More Photos of Home Learning! 1
More Photos of Home Learning! 2
More Photos of Home Learning! 3
More Photos of Home Learning! 4
More Photos of Home Learning! 5
More Photos of Home Learning! 6
More Photos of Home Learning! 7
More Photos of Home Learning! 8


Prynhawn Da!

We loved seeing your jar activity from yesterday. They were great! Well done to those who sent them to us!


Your activity for today is something welsh.

Can you draw or make (if your feeling really crafty) faces to answer the question "Sut wyt ti?" - How are you are?

Answer with:

da iawn diolch - Very well thank You

wedi blino - tired

ofnadwy - feeling terrible


You could then ask your parents to help, by asking each other the question, an taking it in turns to reply.

Hope your keeping safe!





Good Morning Everyone

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend and stayed safe.


Our activity for today is to draw a jar (big enough to write inside) and write all the things you appreciate during this time.

On the back (or another sheet of paper) write down all the things you want to do as soon as we are able to.


Would love to see your jars.



Good Morning All

ITS FRIDAY!! Hope you are all well. We are missing your little faces :(


As it would normally be Physical Friday in school, if you have not already done Body Coach with Joe Wicks this morning, log onto YouTube and take part in his daily workout for today. 

If you have already done this, why not have a go at Cosmic Kids on YouTube. A bit of yoga, and mindfulness, to relax and calm the body. My personal favorite is Trolls :)


Hope you have a lovely weekend. Will message again next week :)

Don't forget to email us your photos :) 





Morning everyone

I really hope you don't mind these daily activities coming through. Its just a little, quick activity, in case anyone is stuck for ideas to do with the children, apart from their packs.


Today's task is to complete this online addition game. Just click the link below.


Once completed, take a photo and send it over to us.


Hope you have a good day. xx


PS. i would love to add your photos to our class web page. If anyone objects, please can you state this on the email

Here are a few photos we have been sent from home !

Here are a few photos we have been sent from home ! 1
Here are a few photos we have been sent from home ! 2
Here are a few photos we have been sent from home ! 3
Here are a few photos we have been sent from home ! 4
Here are a few photos we have been sent from home ! 5
Here are a few photos we have been sent from home ! 6
Here are a few photos we have been sent from home ! 7
Here are a few photos we have been sent from home ! 8
Here are a few photos we have been sent from home ! 9


Bore da blant!!

We hope you are all staying safe, and making the most of this beautiful sunshine in the garden.

Your daily activity for today is:

Parents, can you write numbers 1-10 / 1-20 (depending on your child's ability) on pieces of paper. Then hide them around the garden. The children then have to go and find them and put them in the right order.

Again we would love to see pictures of your child carrying out these activities.

Big thank you to those who has sent some pictures in. We love to see your faces!




Afternoon all

What a lovely day it is to get out in the garden, and learn through play.

A fun activity you could do today is take your learning outdoors.

Parents could write some numbers on the concrete in chalk, and get the children a small paintbrush and cup of water.

They have to find the numbers in order, 0,1,2,3 etc and paint over them with the water.

Please take lots of photos and send them to us via email.

We would love to see any other learning that has taken place too.

A big WELL DONE! to those who has completed the 2do tasks on purplemash too!


Home Learning 23.03.20

Bore Da Blant!

I hope you're all well! We will be updating this page regularly, with some suggestions, and activities you can do whilst staying at home.

Here are a few to start us off this week:

  1. The body coach is doing a workout every day on YouTube

  2. Works book online

  3. Twinkl are offering free stuff too

  4. Museum free stuff

  5. This is from Netflix
  6. Early Years Scholastic: 

We hope these will help you during this time.


Today, you could draw/paint a rainbow and put in in your window to spread positivity in the community. You could keep your eyes peeled whilst out in the garden, to see if you can spot a rainbow.


Parents, we are trying to keep WEDUC messages up to date too, with updates and ideas for you and your child/children.

Please keep a check on there.


We would love to see photos of what you are your child have been getting up to, work, paintings, reading, in the garden etc. Please could you share these with us using our class email:


That is all for now, Stay Home and Stay Safe!



COVID-19 - Home learning

A pack of work has been created for all Reception pupils.

Within the pack are literacy and maths activities to keep little brains active.

Usernames and passwords have also been sent home for Mathletics, Purple Mash and Teach Your Monster to Read. If you have not received any of these, please contact the school asap so we can arrange for you to collect them.

When you sign into Purple Mash, click on '2Dos' which is at the top left of the home screen - there are several activities that I have set for your child to complete. A long with completing the work packs, please continue to read to your child everyday.

Keeping active is important, especially if you are in isolation. YouTube is a great resource; Joe Wicks (Body Coach) has several short videos for keeping active. Also Cosmic Kids is good for relaxation and mindfulness, or google physical activities/yoga for children and several will come up.

The website 'Twinkl' is allowing all parents to join for free during these challenging times. There are hundreds of fantastic resources you can access on the website and I highly recommend using it. 

If you have any problems at all, or any questions please email us on:


Please stay safe and I look forward to our school family being together again very soon!

All Reception Staff x

St David’s Day & Eisteddfod- Friday 28th February 2020


Non uniform/ tradition Welsh dress/ rugby shirt/ wear red etc (no donation required)


The children should all complete a design technology project over half term and bring them into school ready to be judged. Certificates will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd as well as participation. Each class will have a different project, and the children should make the following, using recycled materials wherever possible (if applicable): 

Foundation Phase

  • Nursery- make a sheep

  • Reception- make a daffodil 

  • Year 1- make a castle

  • Year 2- make or decorate a love spoon with a Welsh theme

  • Mrs Harrington’s class- make a castle

Key Stage 2

  • Year 3 and 4- pupils can choose between making a 3D dragon from recycled materials or decorating a cupcake with a Welsh theme. The cupcakes will NOT be tasted.

  • Year 5 and 6- decorate a cake with a Welsh theme. You can make or buy the cake but they will NOT be tasted. It is all about the decoration!

  • Miss Dalecka’s class- make a shield incorporating things associated with Wales


World Book Day – Thursday 5th March


World Book Day is fast approaching and at Malpas Court Primary this year, we would really like to keep it simple and encourage children to nurture their love of reading. The impact reading has on learning and well-being in children is really quite remarkable and what we would love, is to help children to find books that they enjoy and actually want to read.


In class, teachers will be reading to the children for a minimum of 10 minutes a day and exposing them to a range of different texts and genres to help children get inspired and, hopefully, discover a text they enjoy! We will also be arranging trips for every class to the library after half term to support them with this. 

As a school we are hoping that parents, too, will read with their children for 10 minutes a day, whether this is a book, an e-book, a magazine or just something that your child will enjoy reading. 


Then on World Book Day (which is on Thursday 5th March) we would like children to dress up as a character from their favourite book (not a film) and either bring the book to school or be really confident with the story, enough to retell it to others. 

Our hope this year is that we can really rekindle a love of reading in our children and encourage them to widen their imagination, vocabulary and aspirations for what they can achieve. 

Please note that children going on the Castell Coch trip will NOT be taking part in the dressing up and should come to school in uniform as normal.


We really hope that you can support us with this. If you have any questions or need any support with suitable texts, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Look what we have been doing !

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to you all. We hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

Our topic this term is 'Winter'. We will be learning all things about winter.

Here are some of the suggestions of what the children would like to know/find out about Winter:


"Snow and Ice"

" Why do we have snow?"

Where does rain come from?"

"Winter Animals"


Christmas Party

We had lots of fun at our Christmas Party this afternoon. There was lots of dancing, singing and we enjoyed playing pass the parcel.


Christmas Dinner Day

Christmas Dinner Day 1
Christmas Dinner Day 2
Christmas Dinner Day 3
Christmas Dinner Day 4
Christmas Dinner Day 5

Christmas Concert


We thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas Concert, Whoops-A-Daisy Angel.

We hope you enjoyed it too :)







Christmas in Reception


We have been very busy and enthusiastic about Christmas in Reception. We have had lots of fun in our Christmas post office, putting our Christmas lists in the post box, dressing up as Father Christmas in the home corner, and creating lots of Christmas crafts to bring home.




Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Children in Need 2019


Reception took part in the Big Morning Move for Children in Need today.

They thoroughly enjoyed copying what Joe Wicks and Pudsey were doing to keep fit.




We loved making Pudsey Pizza's today. We used tomatoes for the eyes and nose and ham for the mouth. We topped it off with cheese on top. Yummy!!

Food Tasting


Reception has enjoyed some food tasting in class recently.

We have been reading Handa's Surprise, and looked at the different fruits in the story.

Miss Francis bought us 

  • A Pineapple
  • Mango
  • Oranges
  • Bananas
  • Guava

We talked about what they looked like, what the felt like and what they tasted like.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Autumn Walk

Reception went on an Autumn walk around our schools grounds.

We had lots of fun, finding all things Autumn. We found, acorns, different colours leaves and pine cones.

We walked all the way up the big bank, onto the top field.

It was a good job we had our wellies on because the field was very slushy and muddy.

We then walked back down to our playground and Miss Hughes asked us to collect lots of leaves.

We all waited patiently while Miss Hughes counted down from 5, and we threw the leaves up into the air.

We had lots and lots of fun.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Malpas Court Commando Joe

Launch Day


Reception thoroughly enjoyed taking part in launching Commando Joe.

Firstly, Ashton found an envelope in our classroom, addressed to Reception, from Commando Joe.

In side was a puzzle piece, and a clue. We figured we had to solve the clue by going to where it directed us to.





We walked around the school, in Commando Style, listening to Mission Impossible.




Once we found all the clues, we gathered around to try and piece the puzzle together.

Physical Friday

Reception taking part in their first “Physical Friday”. Lots of balls games, hop scotch and throwing. Mrs Guy said “We look very smart in our white top and black bottoms”

#physicalfriday #excercise #skillsforlife


Reception taking part in @minimeyogawales
as part of their “Physical Friday” We also enjoyed our afternoon on the bikes in the garden. Looking forward to “Physical Friday” next week. #minimeyoga #mindfullness #exercise


Physical Friday

Physical Friday  1

Reception settling into to school life

Reception settling into to school life 1
Reception settling into to school life 2
Reception settling into to school life 3
Reception settling into to school life 4
Reception settling into to school life 5
Reception settling into to school life 6
Reception settling into to school life 7
Reception settling into to school life 8
Reception settling into to school life 9
Reception settling into to school life 10
Reception settling into to school life 11
Reception settling into to school life 12
Reception settling into to school life 13
Reception settling into to school life 14
Reception settling into to school life 15
Reception settling into to school life 16
Reception settling into to school life 17
Reception settling into to school life 18
Reception settling into to school life 19