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Malpas Court Primary School

Where children learn to live and live to learn in an ever changing world


                  Welcome to Reception

Mrs Harvey and Miss Hughes Welcome you to the Reception Class Page


Mrs Harvey is the Class Teacher in Reception & Miss Hughes is the Teaching Assistant.

We also have Miss Parsons who supports us in the afternoons


Please keep and eye out on our Class Dojo page for information about the class, photos of what the children have been getting up to and information about the topics we will be doing.

We will also be updating this class page with lots of information too.


If you have any questions or queries regarding your child in reception, please don't hesitate to message us on Dojo, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.




6th September 2020


Hi everyone!
I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend 😊
I am so looking forward to our first day tomorrow and welcoming your precious children into our class.
Given the current social distancing guidance it will be impossible for us to spend any amount of time with you on the door tomorrow. You will not be allowed to enter the building and will need to say your goodbyes at the door. We only have a 10 minute window to do this before the door is closed. Both Miss Hughes and I will do all we can to make this go as smoothly as possible for both your child and yourself. We understand how emotional this time can be and want your child’s first day to be as lovely as possible.
Have a restful evening and we will see you tomorrow!!


Mrs Harvey 


***Just a little reminder*** - please can you provide a drink of water and fresh fruit/veg for your child in a bag. This will be kept on their peg during the session. Unfortunately we will not be able to provide drinks and snacks at this time.

Meeting New Teacher

Good Morning

Hope you are all OK.

Some parents have asked if they will be seeing their new teacher for September.

It has been decided that next week, Miss Lee will pop in to see the children who are in school. It will be a quick Hello and a wave so the children can put a name to a face.

This would be a perfect opportunity for your child to join us next week, not only for their last days with us, but also see who Miss Lee is.


Look forward to seeing you :)

Miss Francis & Miss Hughes


Week Beginning 06.07.20

Good morning everyone, hope you are all well. We are looking forward to seeing more of your faces this week in our daily bubbles. Please see the Literacy and Numeracy task for this week. 

Story link:

Week Beginning 29.06.20

Hello Everybody, we are looking forward to seeing your faces if you are in over the next few weeks. 

From now on we will be sending you home learning literacy and numeracy tasks weekly. You will also have project tasks to complete for the next 3 weeks. Please see the attached home learning grid for activities. 


Good Afternoon

It has been lovely seeing some children in our class bubbles yesterday and today :)

Just a quick message to say, if your child is in their bubbles in the coming weeks, please can they bring in a water bottle and at least 2 snacks.

Also, please bring a coat or a mac, just in case we have a drop of rain.

And on hot days, don't forget a sunhat, and have sun cream already applied.

Look forward to seeing you soon :)



Thursday 25th June

Bore Da blant

What a beautiful day again today :) It is the perfect weather for a picnic in the garden


Today i would like you to write a list of 3 or 4 things that you would put in your picnic.

It could be a ham sandwich, a yoghurt, a bottle of water and a packet of crisp.

Once you have written your list, you can begin to make your picnic for the garden, with a little help from a grown up :)


Don't forget, sun cream, sun hat and sunglasses and send us lots of pictures of you making and enjoying your picnic in the garden :)



Wednesday 24th June


Good Morning all

What a beautiful day it is today!


Whilst you are out in the garden, or on a walk today, i have attached a Bird spotting checklist for you to complete.

I would like you to tick the birds you see on the activity worksheet, and write down where you spotted them.


Hope you enjoy this gorgeous weather. Don't forget your sun hat, sun cream and sunglasses :)


Tuesday 23rd June

Good Morning everyone


How was your activity yesterday? Was it fun finding out objects sink, and objects that float?


Looking back at your investigation, today i would like you to write a sentence telling me about something that floated or something that sank, and explaining why you thought this happened.

eg: I think the coin sank because it was heavy.

I think the feather floated because it is light.


Once you have done that, why don't you go have some fun in the garden. Don't forget your hat and sun cream, i think it is going to be a hot day today :)


Cant wait to see all your beautiful writing again :)


Monday 22nd June

Good Morning everyone.

Hope you are all happy, healthy and safe. Another week closer to us seeing each other.


Today we would like you to:

Fill a bowl/bucket of water, and then have a look around the house for small objects that can go in the water. Dolls, coins, pencil, lego etc.

Can you see which ones float, which means they stay on top of the water, and which ones sink, which means they fall to the bottom and go under the water.

Then, i would like you to write a list of what floats and what sinks.


Cant wait to see what objects you have chosen to use, and see what floats and sinks.

Have a good day :) 



Friday 19th June

Good Morning

Its Physical Friday again :)


Today's task is to:

Complete and an activity challenge:
How many hop, skips, jumps, catches, balances or movements can you do in a minute?, Try again, and see if you can beat your score. Ask your grown ups to time it for you :)


Once you have completed this, to have some calming down time, i would like to to enjoy some yoga, doing Cosmic Kids on Youtube :)


Hope you have a lovely weekend. And hopefully will be seeing you all soon :)


Thursday 18th June


Bore da!!!

How are we all :) Hope your all doing OK.


If you have any worries or concerns, please email us, and will do our best to help and support you :)

A few parents have emailed with their concerns over returning to school, and we are doing our best to give you as much information as we can.


Today i would like you to log on to Purplemash. On your 2Do, there is a task called My character is.....

Can you have a think of your favourite character from a book or a film, draw a picture, and type 1 or 2 sentences about that character.

What they look like, why they are your favourite, if they have a super power etc.


Look forward to seeing all your drawings, as i have really missed seeing these in school.

Stay safe everyone



Wednesday 17th June


Good Morning all


Your task today is on Purplemash.

I have set a 2do on there called 2count.

What i would like you to do is make a graph of your families favourite fruit.

When you open up the 2do, you will see cars, if you click on the cars, you can change the picture to a fruit, from the drop down list.(Grown ups may have to help with this) Choose three fruits you want to choose from.

Then ask you family their favourite.


When you have finished, you can write on paper, which fruit had the most, and which fruit had the least.

Once you have written this, can you email us your writing. We cant wait to see which fruit is the most popular :)


Hope you all have a good day 

Tuesday 16th June


Good Morning all

Hope you all had a good weekend.


Apologies about the message yesterday, i thought i had sent out the activity in the morning, but when i checked after getting home from the hub, it hadn't sent. So i have got yesterdays task for today :)


Whilst you are outdoors, can you draw a hopscotch (a grown up may need to help you) 1-10.

Practice the hopscotch to begin with. When grown ups shout FREEZE! can you look at the number you have stopped on, and tell them what is 1 more. 

So if you stop on number 5, what is 1 more than 5?


Also, on another note, can i direct you to check the letter Mrs Guy has posted on WEDUC, and on the School website, regarding returning to school.


Hope you all have a good day :) Another day closer to us being back together :)


Friday 12th June

Bore da


It was lovely to see some of you faces yesterday on the video call.

We are hoping to do it again in 2 weeks time. Will let you know the details closer to the time.


Its Friday, which would mean Physical Friday.

So here are a few ideas for you to do at home.


Keep the Balloon Up

Outdoor on a calm, windless day, or inside, have your kids use their hands or half of a pool noodle to keep a balloon afloat. How long can they keep the balloon off the ground?


Run Away From the Monster

Kids love a game of chase, especially with a parent or other adult they trust. A game of running from a “scary” monster will involve much squealing with delight.


Simon/Simone Says

While the rules are simple, the options for movement are endless. Simon can have kids jumping like a kangaroo, standing as tall as a house, making funny faces, standing on one foot, or waving their hands over their heads.


Balance Beam

Using an actual gymnastics beam isn’t the only way for a child to learn balance skills. Indoors, use painters tape to make a straight line on the floor. Encourage your child to walk forwards, backwards, and sideways.

Outdoors, use a plank of wood, a rope, or make a line with chalk for the same activity. When your child masters a straight line, add semi-circles or zigzags to add a bit more of a challenge.


Long Jump

Just how far can your child jump? Challenge them indoors by having them jump on lines made by painters tape on the floor or outdoors on grass or in the sand.


Hope you all a good weekend.


Thursday 11th June


Good Morning all


We are holding a video call today at 11am on TEAMS via Hwb.

Hope you have all managed to have a little go at logging in, and finding where it is.

Please scroll down to find the guide to access TEAMS.


Any problems, please email us before 10am, and i can help with logins.

Hope you see you all there :) Look forward to seeing your little faces :) 


Wednesday 9th June


Good Morning all


Hope you have all had a go at logging into HWB ready for tomorrow :)

Would be amazing to see you all.


Today, i would like you to complete a task on Purplemash, using the mash cams.

Can you search for mashcams in the search bar on Purplemash. You can then choose which one you would like to be, just like we do in school.


Can you have a go at taking a photo on the laptop or computer, then insert the photo, (grown ups may need to help you a little). When you have done that you can then typing a little sentence about what you are :), or even more fun, some of the mashcams allow you to record your voice. You can do this by clicking the record button at the top of the page :).


Hope you have fun :)


Tuesday 8th June

Bore da blant!

How are you all?


Today i would like you to log onto purplemash, and explore, build and design your own city using Simple City.

You will find this on your 2do on Purplemash.


Also this week, we are going to have a go at doing a video call on Thursday at 11am.

You will need your Hwb logins that were sent home with the learning packs, and other logins, as it will be through TEAMS via Hwb.


I have attached how you will find the meeting. Before Thursday, could you please have a go at logging into Hwb.

If you have any problems, please email our class email, where Miss Hughes will be able to help you with logins.


Hope your able to log in to be able to join us :)


Monday 8th June


Good Morning everyone :)

We hope you have had a good weekend.


This week are going to be looking at most things on the computer. A bit like an ICT week.

Today's task is:

Can you watch the below activity all about "What gives us light".

Once you have watched the video, on Purplemash there is a 2Do activity i have set for you.

Can you move the pictures to the worksheet, and type a sentence about it. eg: The sun gives us light. The pens don't give us light.

Once you have done that, don't forget to click "Hand in" so we can mark them :)


This week Miss Francis may be giving you a little phone call. If it comes up withheld, it could be her :)

Hope you have a good day :)


Friday 5th June

Bore da Blant!


Its Friday again :)

Again, today you can choose from 2 THRIVE activities, or if you wish, you can do both :)


1. Make a face:
Go outside and make a happy face out of what you can find in nature. This could be leaves, pebbles, twigs, flowers. You could collect objects if you are out on a walk with the family.


2. Parachute game
Get a bed sheet and fill the centre with balls or scrunched up paper. Move the sheet up and down and see who can get the objects off the sheet as quick as possible.


Cant wait to see some photos of these activites :)

We hope you have a good weekend, stay safe. :) 


Thursday 4th June

Good Morning all


Hope you are all doing ok :)

Don't forget, if you ever need to talk to us or need our support in one way or another, please don't hesitate to email us, as we will either email back or give you a ring.


Today we thought it would be nice to do some THRIVE activities.

Please choose which one you would prefer:


1. Draw your child:
Draw around the outline of your child – Write within it the things you love
and notice about them.


2. Special object:
As a family, each find an object or possession in your home that is special
to you and think about what makes it important to you. Share together. You could even write down why it is important, draw a picture and share it with us :)


Enjoy your day having fun :)



Wednesday 3rd June


Bore Da Blant!


Thank you to those who have sent photos over of what they have been doing during half term. It has been so nice to see your beautiful faces again! Its definitely put a smile on my face! Cant wait to see you all again!

Also, a big WELL DONE to those who have sent over their work too. You are working so hard! We are super proud of you!


Your task for today:

As we have been working on teen numbers, i thought it would be nice to play a little game related to teen number :)

Here is the link:

You should be able to play the game without signing up, as i just done.


Here is another game you can play, and it is free to sign up:


If your struggling to play either of these games, instead, parents can you draw dots for numbers 11-20, and get the children to count the dots, and write the number to match. They can then put them in the correct order. 


Hope you have a good day



Home Learning

Tuesday 2nd June


Good Morning everyone


Your task for today is about teen numbers. We know they can get a little tricky remembering how to write them, especially 11,12 and 13.


I have attached a worksheet for you. If you can print, brilliant. If not, parents, can you write the numbers in bold, and get the children to fill in the missing numbers by writing them. Don't forget to check your numbers are the right way. 


Also, remember we have Oxford owl for reading. I have previously sent the login details, and again this morning on WEDUC. If you need them again, please email our class email.


Hope you have a good day


Monday 1st June

Good Morning Everyone!!!!

We hope you have enjoyed the sunshine over half term, and had a well deserved rest.

We hope you and your families are all still safe and well. We have missed receiving photos, and seeing all your beautiful smiles over half term.

Its been 11 weeks already that we haven't seen one another, and i know myself, Miss Francis and Miss Harris are missing you lots and lots. 

We are still hoping that we will get to see our little reception family soon!


Your task for today is:

Can you write about 3 or 4 things you have been doing over half term. It may be playing in the garden, splashing in a swimming pool, playing with your toys. We would love to hear what you have been getting up to. Don't forget to mention, who you done it with, and if you enjoyed it.


Over half term i have been painting some pebbles with Ayla, doing lots of jobs around the house (boring grown up things really). Also, we have been growing our own butterflies too. They have turned into a Chrysalis now. I will have to take a photo and share it with you :)


Once  you have done your writing, can you draw me a beautiful picture to show what you have been doing. 

Then, when you are finished, can you email it over to our class email. Its

We cant wait to see what you have written :)


Take care everyone. Missing you all lots.


Friday 22.05.20

Good Morning all


Hope you are all safe and well.


As it would have been Physical Friday in school, i have attached some challenges for you to do at home. 

On the Throwing challenge, there is one that says about going to the park. We know we are still not able to do this, so if you have a slide in your garden, or can make a slide in the house, using different objects, you can then do that bit of the challenge.


Also, we have come across some Lego clips you may want to share with your child regarding the Coronavirus. Please watch beforehand, to decide if you wish to.


Thank you for all your support you have given us over the last seven weeks! We have thoroughly enjoyed receiving your emails with photos of what you have been getting up to, and the support you have given your child to complete the work! Thank you!


Next week, it is half term, so there will  be no home learning task. Enjoy the sunshine and spending time with your family, but most importantly... Stay Safe!!


Thursday 21st May


Bore da blant!

Hope you are all OK :)


As it is Mental Health Awareness week this week in the UK, and the theme is Kindness. When we are at school we have time to relax from play. We do yoga and peace out to relax our bodies and be Kind to ourselves. 

Now we are apart, now more than ever, we need to think about the people around us. They may be feeling sad or lonely. It could be a friend, neighbour or grandparent.


So, today i would like you to do something to cheer that person up. Can you make a card and write a message inside to let that person know you are thinking of them. Before you send it, i would love to see a photo of it :) I know it will brighten my day, so i'm sure it will brighten theirs. 


Look forward to seeing your cards :)


Wednesday 20th May

Good Morning everyone.

Hope you are all well and safe :)


Your task today is about 3d Shapes. We done a little bit of work in school about 3d Shapes.

Please see attached.

If you can print, brilliant. If not, you can draw/write the name of the shapes in the right box.

If you cant print from the attachment, you will be able to find it on


Can you sort the shapes into ones that roll, and ones that do not roll.

Once you have done that, can you find some 3d shapes around the home, and decide if they can roll or not.

We would love to see your pictures of your work.


Don't forget, Myself and Miss Francis are here for you all. If there is anything we can help with, we both access the email address, so can get back to you as soon as we can.

Have a good day, a look forward to seeing your photos.


Tuesday 19th May


Morning everyone :)

Hope you are all ok.


Your task for today is taking away again. This time have a go at the activity on the following link.

Select the 1-10 to begin.


Don't forget Purplemash and Oxford owl for reading. If you need any logins for Purplemash, Mathletics or oxford owl, please email us and I will sort them for you :)


Have a good day :) 


Monday 18th May

Bore Da blant!

We hope you enjoyed the weekend. This week are going to do all things number :)


Can you click on the link below.

Its all about takeaway. Don't forget when we take away the number gets smaller.


Once you have done that, you could find up to 10 toys/objects around the house/garden. You could start with 10, take some away, how many have you got left? Now, write the sum eg: 10-3=7


Don't forget to there are still lots of things to do on Purplemash, and reading on


Hope you have a good day :)


Friday 15th May


Good Morning!!


Its FRIDAY :) As you know it would have been physical Friday in school so here are a few activities you can choose from to get physical today :)

  1. Joe Wicks - Youtube 9am
  2. Cosmic Kids - Youtube
  3. Going on a walk with your grown ups
  4. Kicking a ball around the garden or playing catch
  5. A little bit of a circuit, eg 10 star jumps, 10 hops, run on the spot 10 seconds or even better make your own up.
  6. Playing bat and ball with a grown up
  7. Draw a hopscotch outside and see how fast you can complete it. Get your grown up to time it for you. Can you beat it?


We would love to see your photos. Don't forget to email them over to us :) Cant wait to see them :)


Stay safe. Hope you enjoy the weekend.



Thursday 14th May


Good Morning everyone


Sally Holland, who is the Children's Commissioner for Wales, has set us a mission. Below she explains what the mission is and how to complete it. Although the survey is for mainly 7-11 year old's, there is an option for younger children to either complete the survey with help from a grown up, or to draw a picture. Please can you complete the survey by clicking on the link below, it is very important that the Welsh Government hears your thoughts, opinions and worries.

People who can make a difference to your life want to hear from you about how life has been over the last few weeks. Sally Holland, the Children's Commissioner, is one of those people. 
She wants to know about any worries you have, how you've been spending your time, and also about the things that have made you happy. 
Sally has been working with the Welsh Government, to make sure that they hear and listen to what you have to say. Sally wants to make sure they are doing their best for all children and young people in Wales. It will also help them to make sure that they are giving you the information and support you need to feel as happy as possible during this time and afterwards. 
The survey should take you around 15 minutes.  
Please share your views by following this link: 


Also, a big big WELL DONE to those who have completed their purplemash work :) When you complete the 2do activity set, don't forget when you have finished to 'Hand in' so i can mark them and leave you a comment on your work.

I am setting new activities weekly, so please keep an eye on there for new activities.


Stay safe everyone. Keep Smiling.



Wednesday 13th May


Bore Da Blant!

Hope you are all well :)


Your task for today is linked to the book you read at the beginning of the week.

Here is the book again:


Can you draw, create, or make your very own worry monster.

You can use the template i have added below.


There are also some pictures on the link below to give you some ideas.


Hope you have a good day :)



Create Your Own Monster

Social Story for children, to help understand the situation we are in

Monday 11th May

Good Morning all


We hope you have had a good weekend, trying to enjoy some of the sunshine we had :) 

Another week has started, which means another week closer to us all being back together!


Your task for today and tomorrow is to:

1. Read the book following the link below

2. Draw a picture about your favourite part of the story. Don't forget your beautiful colouring in.


We would love to see your pictures, as we are missing them just as much as we are missing you.

Also, if you have any other pictures you want to share with us, of you doing things other than your work, please send them over to. We would love to see :).


Stay safe everyone :) xx

Potions and Pets

Thursday 7th May

Good Morning all!

Hope you are all well, and enjoying this beautiful sunshine.

Today choice of activities are:

  1. Lego challenge

Build a marble run or a maze for a Lego man. Try it out! Does it work? Ask a family member to see if they can find the way out.

  1. Simon Says

Take turns. Be as adventurous and energetic as possible. Don’t make it competitive – just have fun



  • Be encouraging and patient when your child is doing something for the first time.
  • Notice when they are really interested in an activity and encourage them to do it for as long as possible.
  • Playing alongside/with your child will support them to remain interested and enthusiastic about the game or activity.


It is Bank Holiday tomorrow, therefore we wont be messaging you any activities. But we would love to see your photos if you are celebrating VE Day with your family :)


Have a good weekend all.

Stay Home, Stay Safe.


Wednesday 6th May


Bore Da Blant!


Thank you again for your pictures yesterday, they looked FANTASTIC!!!


Today you can choose from:

1.Sweet or savoury?

Decorate biscuits or crackers - make happy faces using sweets, fresh or dried fruit, cheese, ham, crisps etc. Let your imagination go wild!

2.Jigsaw puzzle

Share a puzzle together. You don’t need to finish it in one session – come back to it and make it a family activity/challenge.


There are some videos below you can take a look at.

Finger breathing we use in school -

Breathing super power is great for calming and relaxing the mind and body -

Mindful minute we also use in the class -


On another note, i have managed to create a login for anyone who is wanting to do online reading with their children.

Here is the link:

If you click on "My Class Login", username and password are below.


Username: rfrec

Password: step


You will be able to access a variety of reading resources. We recommend you select RWinc under the "series" tab, and start with the red ditty books :)


Hope you have a good day :)

Missing you all lots


Tuesday 5th May


Good Morning everyone :)


A big thank you to those who sent in photos of their cooking and junk models yesterday! They looked amazing!

Keep a look out on the website for your photos.


Today Activity:

Make a balloon pet:

Blow up a balloon. Draw a pet face on the front. Cut and tie the leash on. Make paper ears and a streamer for the tail, then stick them on with tape. Why not take it for a walk!

Create a magic potion from what you can find around your house or garden.


Look forward to seeing your pets and potions.



Some pictures sent in of Home Learning

Oaklee is growing his own Butterflies :)

Monday 4th May


Good Morning all :)

Hope you have enjoyed the weekend :) 


This week we thought it would be great idea to have a THRIVE week!

It will be different activities you can carry out with your children.

Children love being creative and adventurous especially when adults play alongside them. Here are some creative activities that you can use with your child. All the activities can be adapted to use the resources you have available to you.

Each day you can choose which activity you want to do. If you want to do both, that’s great.


Today's Activity

  1. Make a junk model of your favourite superhero
  2.  Cooking

Share the preparation for a simple meal. Peel and chop fruit and vegetables. Make a sandwich with a choice of fillings. Experiment with different flavours and textures.

Top Tips:

  • Be encouraging and patient when your child is doing something for the first time.
  • Notice when they are really interested in an activity and encourage them to do it for as long as possible.

Playing alongside/with your child will support them to remain interested and enthusiastic about the game or activity


Friday 8th May

This Friday it is VE Day. Some streets are having little parties in their front gardens. Others are just decorating their house in Red, White and Blue.

Here are a few websites to get involved. You could make some bunting to decorate your house :)


Sorry there is lots of information today.

I will send out the choice of THRIVE activities each morning :)


Hope you have a good day :)

Don't forget to email us your photos :) x

Friday 1st May



Bore Da Blant


We have had an email to say about a Poster Competition happening.

We thought it would be a nice task for you to do at home :)

Please see details below, and also the attachment :)


"We have developed a new Road Safety Wales Poster Competition where young people aged up to 18 are invited to design a poster that will promote the safe use of active travel, the benefits of 20 mph speed limits on communities or to encourage safer driver behaviour across Wales.

Artwork can be created using digital or non-digital formats and the winning entries will then be made available for all Road Safety Wales Partners."


If you email us your posters, we can forward them on to enter the competition.

Don't forget to add your Name and School.


Hope you have a good weekend :) 


More pictures of Home Learning

Thursday 30th April

Bore Da Blant!

Your task for today is ordering and sequencing numbers. Here is the link:


Can you do the following in ordering:

Forwards 1-20 and backwards 20-1


And then in sequencing can you do:

Counting in ones 1-10 and 10-1


If you want something a little more tricky then you can do

Counting in two's 1-20


Also,don't forget your purplemash activities too.

When you come to sign into purpemash, if your having trouble, make sure you are on Malpas Court Primary School's portal, by searching for the school, then use the logins we have sent home.


If your having trouble logging into purplemash or mathletics, email me on 

and i will look into their logins and email you back :)


Hope you have a good day. Everyday is a day closer to us all being back together :)




Wednesday 29th April

Good Morning Everyone 

How are you getting on with your weather diary this week? Hope its going well.


Our task for today is some adding up minibeast, with a game of I Spy.

Here is the links below for you to download the activity.

Can everyone do the up to 10 worksheet.

If you want something a little more challenging, here is the worksheet up to 20.

If you haven't got a printer, then you can use the sheets online, and write the sums on a piece of paper :).

Cant wait to see what you have done :)


Also, don't forget Purplemash, once you have done it, we can mark it :)


Have a good day


Monday 27th April

Bore Da Blant!


Hope you have all had a good weekend, enjoying the sunshine.

This week, we have thought it would be nice for you to record the weather, in welsh (don't worry parents, i will explain all)


I have attached a Weather diary for you to look at. Can you fill it in for each day this week.

Can you draw a picture of what the weather is, and also write the phrase in welsh. You can either sound out your words (like we do in school) or if your finding that tricky, parents can you write the phrase, and get them to copy.

Here are the phrases for you.

Mae'n heulog - its sunny

Mae'n wyntog - its windy

Mae'n bwrw glaw - its rainy

Mae'n gymylog - its cloudy

Mae'n braf - its fine

Mae'n stormus - its stormy


If you can take a picture of what you have done, and send us an email with your work, we will take a look at the end of the week when it is completed.

Hope you enjoy being Weathermen, and Weatherwomen :)


Stay safe :) xx




Here is a link to all think minibeast which supports our topic. You can sign up to twinkl, its free whilst we are Home Learning. You can download this as extra if you want extra work or ideas.

Friday 24th April

Bore Da Blant!

After watching the story of the Hungry Caterpillar at the beginning of the week, i thought it would be good to look at how the caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies. This is called their Life Cycle.


If you have a look at what i have attached to this message, there should be a cutting and sticking worksheet, and also a powerpoint of the life cycle.

If you cant view them for some reason, they are on twinkl for you to take a look. Just type in butterfly life cycle.

And if you are not able to print the work sheet, you could just draw what each stage looks like on a piece of paper and label them :)

You could even film your child explaining the life cycle, and email it to us :) 


Here is a little video for you to watch about the life cycle :)


Have a good day everyone :)


Thursday 23rd April

Good Morning everyone

Just a little message to some of you who have sent me a letter back :) Thank you soo much, i loved reading through them. Gave me a big big smile :)


Task for today;

I have been looking on Bitesize for their daily lessons for you to access. Unfortunately, they don't have a reception section, so, we are going to use the Year 1 activities, but i am going to tell you how to make it easier for your child.


Have a look at the link below.


It is how to count in 2's to 50. In reception we only need to count in 2's to 10.

But you can still use the video and worksheets to help.

So our target is to count in 2's up to 10, if your child finds that easy, you can go up to 20 (but no further), if they find it a little tricky, stay up to 10.

You could collect things from around the house and and count in 2's using them aswel.


If you could take pictures and send them to us, and let us know how your child got on.


We will look forward to seeing them :)



Bore Da, Blant

Hope you are well :)


Your task for today is to watch the link below, of The Hungry Caterpillar story.

When you have watched it, we would like you to write about your favourite part. For example "My favourite part is when....... because....."

My favourite part is when the caterpillar turned into a beautiful butterfly, because it has lots of pretty colours.

If you can send us a picture of your piece of work to , we can take a look at it this evening :)


Also, don't forget, there are still a few tasks to do on Purplemash 2do too.


Hope you have a good day 




Good Morning Everyone

We hope you have had a wonderful Easter with your families. We were very lucky to have lots of sunshine and hope you were able to get outdoors and enjoy it :)

To kick start the Summer term, i have set a Purplemash 2DO activity for you. Can you draw your favourite Easter egg, and write a sentence telling us all about it. What was it? Why was it your favourite?


This term out topic is called Creatures Great and Small. We will be looking at all different types of animals. We have thought of a few activities we could do, but we would really like to know what you would like to learn, and if you know anything about any creatures great and small?

If you could write a list over the next few days, and email them to us. We cant wait to see what you have thought of :)


Hope you have a lovely day and again, Thank you for all your support.

Reception Staff x



Good Morning all!!

Yay! Its Friday :) Last message today, before you can enjoy some down time over the Easter Holidays :)

As it would have been Physical Friday in school, here is a link for you to try out at home.

Boys, if you don't fancy this one, why not try out 5 minutes of this, like we have done in school


On another note, over the Easter holidays, why don't you make an Easter card and send it in the post to someone special.

Here are a few examples:

Ask your parents to help you with things like the address, and take a walk to the post box and post it :)

I'm sure it would brighten up their day :)


Don't forget, there are a few creative Easter Activities on purple mash 2DO. 

I hope you have a lovely Easter everyone, and parents, have a well deserved break from Home Schooling.


Just remember, you are doing an amazing job!

YOU and your families are still SAFE! YOU are still LOVED.

You aren't failing at anything - You are surviving everything!!

Take Care everyone. Stay safe.





Good Morning Everyone

How are you all doing? Myself and Miss Hughes are really missing seeing you every day now. Its tough not being able to see you and hear your stories on a daily basis.

I hope your all keeping safe with your families.

Here is something fun for you to do today.

Can you build the biggest, most creative DEN with your parents! The bigger the better. Use all the soft furnishings, such as cushions, blankets, throws.

We cannot wait to see your photos!!

Please email them over to

Hopefully we will get to see each other soon!

Miss Francis & Miss Hughes

More Photos of Home Learning!


Prynhawn Da!

We loved seeing your jar activity from yesterday. They were great! Well done to those who sent them to us!


Your activity for today is something welsh.

Can you draw or make (if your feeling really crafty) faces to answer the question "Sut wyt ti?" - How are you are?

Answer with:

da iawn diolch - Very well thank You

wedi blino - tired

ofnadwy - feeling terrible


You could then ask your parents to help, by asking each other the question, an taking it in turns to reply.

Hope your keeping safe!





Good Morning Everyone

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend and stayed safe.


Our activity for today is to draw a jar (big enough to write inside) and write all the things you appreciate during this time.

On the back (or another sheet of paper) write down all the things you want to do as soon as we are able to.


Would love to see your jars.



Good Morning All

ITS FRIDAY!! Hope you are all well. We are missing your little faces :(


As it would normally be Physical Friday in school, if you have not already done Body Coach with Joe Wicks this morning, log onto YouTube and take part in his daily workout for today. 

If you have already done this, why not have a go at Cosmic Kids on YouTube. A bit of yoga, and mindfulness, to relax and calm the body. My personal favorite is Trolls :)


Hope you have a lovely weekend. Will message again next week :)

Don't forget to email us your photos :) 





Morning everyone

I really hope you don't mind these daily activities coming through. Its just a little, quick activity, in case anyone is stuck for ideas to do with the children, apart from their packs.


Today's task is to complete this online addition game. Just click the link below.


Once completed, take a photo and send it over to us.


Hope you have a good day. xx


PS. i would love to add your photos to our class web page. If anyone objects, please can you state this on the email

Here are a few photos we have been sent from home !


Bore da blant!!

We hope you are all staying safe, and making the most of this beautiful sunshine in the garden.

Your daily activity for today is:

Parents, can you write numbers 1-10 / 1-20 (depending on your child's ability) on pieces of paper. Then hide them around the garden. The children then have to go and find them and put them in the right order.

Again we would love to see pictures of your child carrying out these activities.

Big thank you to those who has sent some pictures in. We love to see your faces!




Afternoon all

What a lovely day it is to get out in the garden, and learn through play.

A fun activity you could do today is take your learning outdoors.

Parents could write some numbers on the concrete in chalk, and get the children a small paintbrush and cup of water.

They have to find the numbers in order, 0,1,2,3 etc and paint over them with the water.

Please take lots of photos and send them to us via email.

We would love to see any other learning that has taken place too.

A big WELL DONE! to those who has completed the 2do tasks on purplemash too!


Home Learning 23.03.20

Bore Da Blant!

I hope you're all well! We will be updating this page regularly, with some suggestions, and activities you can do whilst staying at home.

Here are a few to start us off this week:

  1. The body coach is doing a workout every day on YouTube

  2. Works book online

  3. Twinkl are offering free stuff too

  4. Museum free stuff

  5. This is from Netflix
  6. Early Years Scholastic: 

We hope these will help you during this time.


Today, you could draw/paint a rainbow and put in in your window to spread positivity in the community. You could keep your eyes peeled whilst out in the garden, to see if you can spot a rainbow.


Parents, we are trying to keep WEDUC messages up to date too, with updates and ideas for you and your child/children.

Please keep a check on there.


We would love to see photos of what you are your child have been getting up to, work, paintings, reading, in the garden etc. Please could you share these with us using our class email:


That is all for now, Stay Home and Stay Safe!



COVID-19 - Home learning

A pack of work has been created for all Reception pupils.

Within the pack are literacy and maths activities to keep little brains active.

Usernames and passwords have also been sent home for Mathletics, Purple Mash and Teach Your Monster to Read. If you have not received any of these, please contact the school asap so we can arrange for you to collect them.

When you sign into Purple Mash, click on '2Dos' which is at the top left of the home screen - there are several activities that I have set for your child to complete. A long with completing the work packs, please continue to read to your child everyday.

Keeping active is important, especially if you are in isolation. YouTube is a great resource; Joe Wicks (Body Coach) has several short videos for keeping active. Also Cosmic Kids is good for relaxation and mindfulness, or google physical activities/yoga for children and several will come up.

The website 'Twinkl' is allowing all parents to join for free during these challenging times. There are hundreds of fantastic resources you can access on the website and I highly recommend using it. 

If you have any problems at all, or any questions please email us on:


Please stay safe and I look forward to our school family being together again very soon!

All Reception Staff x

St David’s Day & Eisteddfod- Friday 28th February 2020


Non uniform/ tradition Welsh dress/ rugby shirt/ wear red etc (no donation required)


The children should all complete a design technology project over half term and bring them into school ready to be judged. Certificates will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd as well as participation. Each class will have a different project, and the children should make the following, using recycled materials wherever possible (if applicable): 

Foundation Phase

  • Nursery- make a sheep

  • Reception- make a daffodil 

  • Year 1- make a castle

  • Year 2- make or decorate a love spoon with a Welsh theme

  • Mrs Harrington’s class- make a castle

Key Stage 2

  • Year 3 and 4- pupils can choose between making a 3D dragon from recycled materials or decorating a cupcake with a Welsh theme. The cupcakes will NOT be tasted.

  • Year 5 and 6- decorate a cake with a Welsh theme. You can make or buy the cake but they will NOT be tasted. It is all about the decoration!

  • Miss Dalecka’s class- make a shield incorporating things associated with Wales


World Book Day – Thursday 5th March


World Book Day is fast approaching and at Malpas Court Primary this year, we would really like to keep it simple and encourage children to nurture their love of reading. The impact reading has on learning and well-being in children is really quite remarkable and what we would love, is to help children to find books that they enjoy and actually want to read.


In class, teachers will be reading to the children for a minimum of 10 minutes a day and exposing them to a range of different texts and genres to help children get inspired and, hopefully, discover a text they enjoy! We will also be arranging trips for every class to the library after half term to support them with this. 

As a school we are hoping that parents, too, will read with their children for 10 minutes a day, whether this is a book, an e-book, a magazine or just something that your child will enjoy reading. 


Then on World Book Day (which is on Thursday 5th March) we would like children to dress up as a character from their favourite book (not a film) and either bring the book to school or be really confident with the story, enough to retell it to others. 

Our hope this year is that we can really rekindle a love of reading in our children and encourage them to widen their imagination, vocabulary and aspirations for what they can achieve. 

Please note that children going on the Castell Coch trip will NOT be taking part in the dressing up and should come to school in uniform as normal.


We really hope that you can support us with this. If you have any questions or need any support with suitable texts, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Look what we have been doing !

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to you all. We hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

Our topic this term is 'Winter'. We will be learning all things about winter.

Here are some of the suggestions of what the children would like to know/find out about Winter:


"Snow and Ice"

" Why do we have snow?"

Where does rain come from?"

"Winter Animals"


Christmas Party

We had lots of fun at our Christmas Party this afternoon. There was lots of dancing, singing and we enjoyed playing pass the parcel.


Christmas Dinner Day

Christmas Concert


We thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas Concert, Whoops-A-Daisy Angel.

We hope you enjoyed it too :)







Christmas in Reception


We have been very busy and enthusiastic about Christmas in Reception. We have had lots of fun in our Christmas post office, putting our Christmas lists in the post box, dressing up as Father Christmas in the home corner, and creating lots of Christmas crafts to bring home.




Children in Need 2019


Reception took part in the Big Morning Move for Children in Need today.

They thoroughly enjoyed copying what Joe Wicks and Pudsey were doing to keep fit.




We loved making Pudsey Pizza's today. We used tomatoes for the eyes and nose and ham for the mouth. We topped it off with cheese on top. Yummy!!

Food Tasting


Reception has enjoyed some food tasting in class recently.

We have been reading Handa's Surprise, and looked at the different fruits in the story.

Miss Francis bought us 

  • A Pineapple
  • Mango
  • Oranges
  • Bananas
  • Guava

We talked about what they looked like, what the felt like and what they tasted like.



Autumn Walk

Reception went on an Autumn walk around our schools grounds.

We had lots of fun, finding all things Autumn. We found, acorns, different colours leaves and pine cones.

We walked all the way up the big bank, onto the top field.

It was a good job we had our wellies on because the field was very slushy and muddy.

We then walked back down to our playground and Miss Hughes asked us to collect lots of leaves.

We all waited patiently while Miss Hughes counted down from 5, and we threw the leaves up into the air.

We had lots and lots of fun.


Malpas Court Commando Joe

Launch Day


Reception thoroughly enjoyed taking part in launching Commando Joe.

Firstly, Ashton found an envelope in our classroom, addressed to Reception, from Commando Joe.

In side was a puzzle piece, and a clue. We figured we had to solve the clue by going to where it directed us to.





We walked around the school, in Commando Style, listening to Mission Impossible.




Once we found all the clues, we gathered around to try and piece the puzzle together.

Physical Friday

Reception taking part in their first “Physical Friday”. Lots of balls games, hop scotch and throwing. Mrs Guy said “We look very smart in our white top and black bottoms”

#physicalfriday #excercise #skillsforlife


Reception taking part in @minimeyogawales
as part of their “Physical Friday” We also enjoyed our afternoon on the bikes in the garden. Looking forward to “Physical Friday” next week. #minimeyoga #mindfullness #exercise


Physical Friday

Reception settling into to school life