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Malpas Court Primary School

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Year 1

Friday 3rd April

Hello to all our Year 1 family.


Our last 'home school' day before the Easter holidays! I am so disappointed that we couldn't make Easter cards and gifts this year. Maybe you can make one at home and email us the pictures - I am sure you can come up with more imaginative ideas than us!


How are the clues for your egg hunt coming along? I hope you have made them tricky!


Why not make some Easter nests, using some of your chocolate eggs? You can decorate them with sweets - delicious! 


Over the next few weeks, we will be phoning you to have a chat, as we have been missing you all so much - so if you get a call from a withheld number, it maybe Mrs Rawlings or Mrs Rees! 


Please stay safe over the next few weeks - as hard as it is, try to embrace this opportunity of spending uninterrupted time with the people you love.


Again, if there is anything you need - even just a chat - email us and we can help or arrange a call etc.

Enjoy Easter,


Mrs Rawlings and Mrs Rees xxx

Thursday 2nd April

Bore da! Hope you are all well and managing to keep busy! Today we would like you to become scientists and make a rainbow!


You will need:

  • Kitchen roll
  • Felt tip pens
  • Two small bowls of water
  • Paper clip
  • Thread/string


  1. Cut your kitchen roll into the shape of a rainbow.
  2. Colour a rainbow with felt tips - BUT NOT THE WHOLE RAINBOW - ONLY ABOUT 2 CM'S UP ON EACH SIDE.
  3. Attach your paper clip to the top and tie a piece of thread/string to it. This will give you somethign to hold your rainbow with.
  4. Fill each small bowl with water.
  5. Hold your rainbow with he ends slightly submerged in the water - then watch your rainbow grow!


Watch the rainbow grow as the water is 'sucked' through the holes in the kitchen towel. What happens to the colours as they mix together? 


Don't forget to email pictures to myself and Mrs Rees!


Tuesday 31st March

Bore da! We hope everyone is well and staying safe. Myself and Mrs Rees are missing you all very, very much! Please email photographs of you completing fun activities for us to see your happy, smiling faces and we'll upload them onto this page for your friends to see what you are doing. The email address is


Some activities for you to try over the next few days...

  1. Art work to put in your window - the bigger and brighter, the better. Lots of houses have put pictures of rainbows and sunshine in their windows and it looks so cheerful!
  2. Decorate eggs with felt pens, paint, sequins and jewels - make sure they are hard boiled first though! 
  3. Write clues for an egg hunt - you can use the eggs you have decorated. Send pictures of your clues and hiding places!!
  4. Bake!! With a grown up bake your favourite cake or biscuit. Chocolate is my favourite..what is yours?
  5. David Walliams is reading his hilarious stories for free. Go to
  6. Edinburgh Zoo has live cameras in their panda, koala, penguins and tiger enclosures. Go to their website and click on the live cam menu. 

We cannot wait to see you photographs and will speak to you very soon:)

Mrs Rawlings and Mrs Rees x



COVID-19 - Home learning

A pack of work has been created for all Year 1 pupils.

Within the pack are literacy and maths activities to keep little brains active - as well as mindfulness colourings to help calm and relax! Usernames and passwords have also been sent home for Mathletics and Purple Mash. If you have not received any of these, please contact the school asap so we can arrange for you to collect them.

When you sign into Purple Mash, click on '2Dos' which is at the top left of the home screen - there are several activities that I have set for your child to complete. A long with completing the work packs, please continue to read to your child everyday.

Keeping active is important, especially if you are in isolation. YouTube is a great resource; Joe Wicks (Body Coach) has several short videos for keeping active, or google physical activities/yoga for children and several will come up.

The website 'Twinkl' is allowing all parents to join for free during these challenging times. There are hundreds of fantastic resources you can access on the website and I highly recommend using it. 

Our topic next term will be 'Springing into Spring', where will be looking at plants, flowers, mini-beasts and animals. Please have a conversation with your child about anything they would like to learn during the topic and bring it into school when we return. 

Should you need to contact me, my email address is -


Please stay safe and I look forward to our school family being together again very soon!


Mrs Rawlings

Croeso i Year 1!


Remembrance Day 2019

Year 1 have been remembering all the brave soldiers who help to to keep us safe. This is one of our children's rights - Article 19: we have the right to be safe. 

We made beautiful poppies, did observational drawings and wrote about how we can keep one another safe. We were ambitious, capable learners!










After our trip to St Fagans, we had an afternoon experimenting with toys from the past. Some of the toys we were not sure how to work, but after lots of thought and persevering we worked it out! The egg and cup was very popular, especially with the adults in the class!






St Fagans

We went on our class trip to St Fagans. It was a very wet day, but we had so much fun. Mrs Haven in the office even had a phone call from St Fagans to say that we were the most polite and well behaved school that they had visit all week! Da iawn Year 1!







We found the brick house from the Three Little Pigs. Luckily the wolf was no-where to be seen!



We visited the shops selling lots of things that were familiar and not so familiar. We have been using weighing scales in our classroom, but our scales are very different to the scales in the shop!



Next Ceri showed us some very old toys.  They were very different to the toys we play with, but we had so much fun playing with them!



Being creative

Gwent Music came into our school to talk about playing a musical instrument. Lots of us had a go at playing some of the brass instruments. When we came back to class, some of us used the equipment around the room to make our own instruments. Some of us even danced to the tune being played on our instruments!



Making stew

We read the story 'The Three Little Pigs' and were shocked that the wolf fell into a pot of stew. Some of us were not sure what stew was, so we thought it would be a good idea to use all the healthy vegetables that are growing at the moment to make a delicious stew. We all tried it and thought it was scrumptious, just what we needed on a cold and rainy day!








Postcards to our families

We were all very excited to post our cards telling you all about our walk around the local area. We bought our stamps from Mrs Bearcroft and posted them in the post box. 






Year 1 does Mini-Yoga

We have been ensuring our minds and bodies are kept healthy by taking part in Mrs Rees Mini-Yoga sessions. We are all very relaxed!