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Year 1

Welcome back to some of our Year 1 family! It has been wonderful to see some of your happy, smiley faces...we have missed you!

For this week's home learning I have made packs of work. If your child has not been in school, you can collect your pack from the office. 

When you come into the office please ensure you stick to the social distancing regulations. 

Thank you, 

Mrs Rawlings and Mrs Rees x



Hello Year 1,

I hope we are all happy, healthy and safe. Another week closer until we'll all be together again.

This week's activities are:



Draw a hop scotch grid on the ground. Number it 0-10. Using a bean bag (if you haven't a bean bag, you can fill a sandwich bag with rice), throw it onto a number. What goes with that number to make 10?


Using pasta shells - grab a handful. Estimate how many shells you have. Now check. Were you close? 


What can you do in 1 minute? Estimate how many jumps you can do, how many times you can write your name, how many times can run up and down the stairs. Now time yourself. Were you close? 

What if you doubled the time to 2 minutes, would the number of things you can do double as well?



How many objects can you find from around the house and garden beginning with the letter D?


Draw your favourite person.

Can you label it? Do not forget to use interesting adjectives!

Now write 3 reasons why they are your favourite person.



Create a portrait using things from around the house e.g. buttons for eyes and string for hair.

Can you make a enormous portrait?



Using your senses - put some objects into a bag e.g. a hairbrush, a tube of toothpaste, a packet of biscuits, an ice cream scoop, a packet of tissues and a wooden spoon.

Now find something to make a blindfold with.

Use your senses to feel what is in the bag. Play with a partner and see who guesses the most!


Don't forget to send pictures to myself and Mrs Rees so we can see your happy, smiley faces!

Speak to you soon,

Mrs Rawlings and Mrs Rees xx



Tuesday 9th June

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is happy, healthy and safe! It has been great to speak to most of you over the last few days, we have missed you sooooo much!

This week's tasks are...


Finding halves - with a grown up's help, can you cut a pizza, apple, sandwich in half? Can you fold a napkin, blanket in half? What else can you find around the house to make halves with?

What about making halves with numbers? Can you share eggs, cakes, sweets into halves? What happens if you have an odd number?


Money - fill a bucket with water. 

Place a pebble or rock at the bottom of it.

Have lots of 1p's, 2p's, 5p's and 10p's.

Using 5 coins, see if you can drop a coin (one at a time) into the bucket and hit the pebble!

If you added up all of the coins that hit the pebble how much would that be?

if one more coin had hit/not hit the pebble, how much would that be?

If we take out all of the coins that hit the pebble, how many coins are there left and how much money is that altogether?

Repeat with just 2p's. Can you count in 2's to find out how much money hit/didn't hit the pebble?


Welsh - draw a big picture of yourself wearing your favourite summer clothes. Now label your picture using the welsh words. 

Trousers - trowsus

T-shirt - crys-t

Shorts - siorts

Dress - ffrog

Shoes - esgidiau

Hat - het

Coat - cot

Can you now write some sentences...dw i'n gwisgo ____.


Literacy - create a list of your favourite memories from the past few months. Remember that each new memory needs to start on a new line.


Science - making a lava lamp.

Create coloured water by adding a few drops of food colouring to it. 

Fill a tall container with a mixture of equal parts coloured water and cooking oil. Stir them up and watch what happens. Have a think why?

Add an effervescent vitamin C tablet and what what happens now. You have created your very own lava lamp!


Don't forget to send any pictures of the work you have been doing at home, Mrs Rees and myself love looking at them!


Mrs Rawlings and Mrs Rees xx




Home learning


Monday 1st June

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and are happy, healthy and safe. This is my favourite term, when we see you all blossom and get ready for Year 2. Although we cannot be together yet, I have some activities that will help those perfect little brains keep growing and getting ready for September!


Click on the link to listen to the story 'The Monkey Puzzle'.                Draw a picture of one of the character - include lots of detail.

Think of at least 4 adjectives to describe your character.

Now retell the story, in the correct order.


Subtraction - subtract a single digit from numbers up to 20 (or higher if you can). Use objects from around the house to help you e.g. pasta shells. Write the number sentence -              20-3=17.


Teach your family the double song we sing in class. Look on YouTube for another version you can teach us when we come back to school.


Telling the time. Practice o'clock and half past. Good websites to use are...


Science - which chocolate melts the quickest?

Place some white chocolate buttons and some milk chocolate buttons on a plate and leave them in the sunshine - try on to eat them!

Which one do you think will melt first? Were you correct? Are there other chocolates you can test?


Go on a hunt! Can you find something...

  1. big
  2. heavy
  3. fast
  4. smelly
  5. rough
  6. tiny
  7. soft
  8. wet
  9. loud
  10. bendy

Happy hunting!


We will be trying to contact you all over the next few day. If you receive a call from a withheld number, it maybe us. It will be great to speak to you as we are missing you all so much.


Stay happy, healthy and safe,

Mrs Rawlings and Mrs Rees xx




Friday 22d May

Happy Friday everyone! We have gone a whole term without seeing one another, we miss you all dreadfully, but as long as everyone is happy, healthy and safe, that is all that matters.

Thank you for all your emails, photos and work completed on Purple Mash - keep it up as it helps keep those clever, unique brains growing!

Next week is half term and the weather is looking warm and sunny. Mrs Rees and myself want you all to enjoy the sunshine, have fun and rest! Keep doing kind things for one another and keep giving those cwtches to the people living in your house - a cwtch make everything better, I promise!

If you need us, we are just an email away and are happy to help anytime.

In the meantime - have a happy half term.

Mrs Rawlings and Mrs Rees xxx






Thursday 21st May

Today is outdoor learning day! So why not build a den?! Mrs Harrington has kindly found lots of examples you can follow and they can be built inside or out. Please send us photos of your dens, we would love to see them!


Stay healthy and safe everyone!

Mrs Rawlings and Mrs Rees x



Home learning photographes

It has been a very busy time in the Shaddick household. It was Alivia's birthday, so they had a tea party and camped in the garden...I hope it wasn't too cold!!

Monday 18th May

Good morning everyone! 

Hope everyone is happy and safe. The weather is set to get warmer this week, so I thought of activities you can do on your walk or in the garden.


This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. Below are 7 'kindness' challenges, to do over the week!

  1. Make a drink for someone in your family.
  2. Send someone you haven't seen in ages a letter, postcard, email or picture.
  3. Donate food, clothes or old toys to people in need.
  4. With a grown up, bake a cake or some biscuits to cheer someone up.
  5. Ask a grown up for a chore that would really help them out.
  6. Video call someone you know is feeling a bit lonely.
  7. Be kind to yourself and do something you really enjoy doing.



Number hunts - on your walk, take photos of any numbers you see. Look for numbers that helps us like speed signs, number plates and door numbers. Ask questions such as:

  • Can you find me a number more that fifty?
  • What do you thing the next door number will be? Were you right?
  • Can you point to an odd/even number?
  • What is the biggest/smallest number we found?  


Meal times

Ask the children to lay the table. Ask questions such as:

  • Have we enough forks for everyone?
  • Are there more plates than bowls?
  • Have we enough grapes for everyone to have 10?
  • How many more do we need?
  • How many more would we need if we had to double it?
  • Ask the children to help you serve the food (which isn't hot). Cut the cake into equal pieces. Can you cut the apples in halves? If I cut the sandwiches in quarters, how many pieces will we have?


Board game

You do not always need games bought from a shop - you can make games using chalk, pebbles, bottle tops etc.

Play snakes and ladders, ask questions such as:

  • You threw a __. Where will your counter end up if you count on __ more?
  • Which number do you want to throw (because there is a ladder coming up)?
  • Which number do you not want to throw (because there is a snake coming up)?
  • Who is winning? How do you know? By how many?
  • How many squares until you/I reach the end?



On your walk, collect anything that interest you - leaves, flowers, feather etc. 

When you are home, find some card and cut out your favourite shape (remembering to make it as big as possible). Now cover the shape in glue and stick on your collection - my favourite things to glue on are daisies! 


Don't forget that myself and Mrs Rees are here for you at all times. Drop us an email and we will get back to you asap!

Stay safe everyone!

Mrs Rawlings and Mrs Rees xxx




Well done boys and girls for completing the activities on Purple Mash. I regulary set new activities and mark them all. Sometimes, I send them back to see if you can do even don't forget to check! 



Wednesday 13th May

Sally Holland, who is the Children's Commissioner for Wales, has set us a mission. Below she explains what the mission is and how to complete it. Although the survey is for mainly 7-11 year old's, there is an option for younger children to either complete the survey with help from a grown up, or to draw a picture. Please can you complete the survey by clicking on the link below, it is very important that the Welsh Government hears your thoughts, opinions and worries.


People who can make a difference to your life want to hear from you about how life has been over the last few weeks. Sally Holland, the Children's Commissioner, is one of those people. 
She wants to know about any worries you have, how you've been spending your time, and also about the things that have made you happy. 
Sally has been working with the Welsh Government, to make sure that they hear and listen to what you have to say. Sally wants to make sure they are doing their best for all children and young people in Wales. It will also help them to make sure that they are giving you the information and support you need to feel as happy as possible during this time and afterwards. 
The survey should take you around 15 minutes.  
Please share your views by following this link:



A social story to read with your children, to help understand the situation we are in at the moment.





Monday 11th May

Good morning everyone! How is everyone? Mrs Rees and myself hope you enjoyed the long weekend and are all happy and safe! Fingers crossed it will not be too long and our school family will be together again. Until then, here are some ideas of fun activities to try this week...

  •                                                              Click on the link above to access a perfect book to read during these challenging times. It deals with worrying, something I am sure all of you are having to discuss with your children at the moment. Try drawing something that is worrying you.
  • Play 'Kyms Game' - I am sure you all know this game, but you may know it as something else. All you need is a tray, tea towel and some objects - start with a few and build up! Take a good look at the objects on the tray, then cover it with a tea towel. Close your eyes, whilst your partner removes one of the objects. Open your eyes...can you tell which object has been taken? 
  • Find small objects that you can write numbers on e.g. milk bottle tops, pebbles. Write your numbers, starting with 1-20 and as you collect more you can go all the way to 100! Take care to get your numbers the correct way around. Can you order the numbers correctly? Choose a number, what would 1 more, 1 less be? If you have numbers 1-100, can you make a 100 square? What would 10 more, 10 less be? Do you remember how to find 10 more or less quickly when using the 100 square? 
  • Whiterose is an on-line maths resource that is free for children at the moment. Click on the link below and take a look at the Year 1 resources available.                             

If you have any photographs you would like to share, or any concerns that we can help you with, we are at the end of a phone. Please email me on... and I will either phone you or email you back. 


Stay safe everyone

Mrs Rawlings and Mrs Rees xx



   Monday 4th May 

Bore da! Another week closer to when we will be together again! Hope your weekend was a happy and fun one. We have lots of fun activities to try this week.


A teddy bears picnic! 

  1. Make a list of all the toys you want to invite.
  2. Design eye catching invitations for the toys. Make sure you include all the important information on them, you do not want them turning up on the wrong day or at the wrong time!
  3. Write a list of the food you will need for the picnic and the quantity - there is nothing worse than not having enough cakes for your guests!
  4. Make the food. Have you cut the sandwiches and cakes equally. 
  5. Share out the food. How many do they have? How many would they have if they eat half of them? One guest wants double! How many would he have?
  6. Write thank you letters from the toys, thanking you for a wonderful picnic. 


Science - Look up the Maddie Moate channel on YouTube. You learn lots about science in a fun and interesting way.

Maths - now the sun is shining it is the ideal time to learn about capacity. Go around the house finding different containers that will hold liquid. Fill up a washing bowl. Investigate which container holds the most, which holds the least. How many cups does it take to fill the containers? Can you order them from most to least? Can you fill them so that they are half full? What is the difference between the number of cups it take to fill the biggest container, compared to the smallest container? 

Using the water, why not give your toys a good wash so they are looking smart for the picnic?!

Creative - find something, maybe from around your home or on your daily exercise, that makes you smile. It maybe a flower, animal, toy, even some food (I know that is what is putting a smile on my face at the moment!) and draw it. Look closely at it - try and include at much detail as possible. 


Friday is VE Day - a day to celebrate and remember all the soldiers who helped to keep us safe. Why not hold a little celebration of your own. You can have a tea party in your living room or garden. Red, white and blue are the colours, so why not find clothes that are in that colour to wear? Decorate your house, make flags and put pictures in your windows.


Take care and stay safe everyone.

Mrs Rawlings and Mrs Rees x



30th April 2020

Hello Year 1,

How is everyone? Are you enjoying the rain? Why not put on your raincoat and wellies and go puddle jumping?! Myself and Mrs Rees are! How many times can you jump in the puddle in 1 minute? Can you jump over the puddle? What can you do to make yourself jump further? 

Once you've dried off and had something to warm you up, why not enter this competition? It's for road safety. Take a look at the picture below for all the information you need.



It was fantastic to speak to some of you this week. Mrs Rees and myself, miss seeing you, so to speak to you is the second best thing. 

Some parents mentioned how they were concerned about teaching their child. Can we reassure you that you are all doing an amazing job! Everyone we spoke to is happy, healthy and safe, and that is the most important thing during these challenging times. You will be surprised how much learning your child is doing. Take a look at the picture below for some ideas...I bet you are doing most, if not all already!

Take care everyone!

Mrs Rawlings and Mrs Rees x

Monday 27th April 2020

Good morning Year 1!

Hope you have all had a happy and safe weekend in the sunshine! Another week closer to when we will  be together again.

Below are some activities to try this week. Do not forget to complete some of the activities on Purple Mash, especially as the weather is turning wetter this week.

  1. Different combinations of money - collect all the coins from around the house (1p's, 2p's, 5p's and 10p's). On a large piece of paper draw circles and write in each circle different amounts up to 20p e.g. 11p, 14p, 19p etc. Now see if you can find the different combinations and put the coins into the circles. 
  2. Make bird feeders. Using old, clean yoghurt pots make bird feeders. Google tasty recipes that the birds will enjoy eating.
  3. Card games. Using a pack of playing cards, with a member of your family play snap. Another card game that is good for growing that perfect little brain is pairs! Play with a member of your family to see who can collect the most pairs. 
  4. Can you complete some of the Wild Time Challenges? Don't forget to send pictures of any challenges you do! 


Mrs Rees and myself will ring to chat with you again this week, so if see a call from a withheld number, it maybe us!

Mrs Rawlings and Mrs Rees xx

Oak National Academy

The Department of Education released the 'Oak National Academy' today. It is an on-line resource for all year groups to support home learning. I have taken a look at it and it seems to compliment the learning that is already  being set for you child (via Purple Mash and on this page). Each day lessons are released for your child to access. You may need to take a quick look at them first to see if the level is suitable for your child, as some maybe set too low or too high. If you find the level is not pitched correctly, take a look at the Reception and Year 2 pages. Any questions please email me:)



Welcome back. It is a very different start to the Summer Term. I hope everyone is well and staying safe. Mrs Rees and myself are missing welcoming you back to school today. We often message one another to say how much we are missing you all. It was wonderful receiving an email from Ellie-May busy learning about other countries and Rueban cooking, making posters and even scuba diving!

Below are some activities for you to do at home this week to keep your perfect little brains growing. However, the most important thing is that you all stay happy and healthy. Think about including some yoga and mindfulness into your day and do not forget you daily walk, but mostly look after one another!


In the beautiful sunshine - 

  • Go on a mini-beast hunt around the garden or on your daily walk. Look carefully under rocks and logs, making sure to return them afterwards. Can you name the mini-beast? Draw a picture of it and label it's parts.
  • Floating and sinking - with an adult, fill up a washing bowl or saucepan with water. Can you find 5 things that float and 5 things that sink from around your house? Did any of the things surprise you? Write a list of things or draw pictures.
  • We use Read Write Inc to learn our phonics everyday. Read Write Inc lessons are now available everyday on YouTube. Set 1 sounds are available, with sounds starting at 9.30, words time at 9.45 and spelling at 10. Set 2 sounds are available, with speed sounds at 10.00 and spelling at 10.15. Let your child have a go at both sets and see which one they work best in.
  • One that the grown-up's will love! Using items from around the house - make an instrument or two! You can fill containers with rice for a shaker, make a guitar using a box and some rubber bands or a drum using a saucepan. Now think of your favourite song and sing it for your family, using the instruments to make it even better! You can even teach the song to your family and get them join in.
  • The BBC has made lots of educational clips and videos available to help support home learning. YouTube also has a wealth of resources - 
  1. Jack Hartmann for counting, number bonds, doubles etc.
  2. As mentioned above - Read Write Inc sessions.
  3. Counting songs and stories in Welsh.
  4. Number Jacks.
  5. Traditional stories e.g. The Enormous Turnip, Goldilocks, The Three Little Pigs - all stories we look at when in Year 1.


Myself or Mrs Rees will try and contact everyone this week, so if you get a call from a withheld number, it maybe us! If there is anything we can do to help, or if you have photographs to send us, email me on


Stay safe everyone,

Mrs Rawlings and Mrs Rees xx

Pictures from home!

Friday 3rd April

Hello to all our Year 1 family.


Our last 'home school' day before the Easter holidays! I am so disappointed that we couldn't make Easter cards and gifts this year. Maybe you can make one at home and email us the pictures - I am sure you can come up with more imaginative ideas than us!


How are the clues for your egg hunt coming along? I hope you have made them tricky!


Why not make some Easter nests, using some of your chocolate eggs? You can decorate them with sweets - delicious! 


Over the next few weeks, we will be phoning you to have a chat, as we have been missing you all so much - so if you get a call from a withheld number, it maybe Mrs Rawlings or Mrs Rees! 


Please stay safe over the next few weeks - as hard as it is, try to embrace this opportunity of spending uninterrupted time with the people you love.


Again, if there is anything you need - even just a chat - email us and we can help or arrange a call etc.

Enjoy Easter,


Mrs Rawlings and Mrs Rees xxx

Thursday 2nd April

Bore da! Hope you are all well and managing to keep busy! Today we would like you to become scientists and make a rainbow!


You will need:

  • Kitchen roll
  • Felt tip pens
  • Two small bowls of water
  • Paper clip
  • Thread/string


  1. Cut your kitchen roll into the shape of a rainbow.
  2. Colour a rainbow with felt tips - BUT NOT THE WHOLE RAINBOW - ONLY ABOUT 2 CM'S UP ON EACH SIDE.
  3. Attach your paper clip to the top and tie a piece of thread/string to it. This will give you somethign to hold your rainbow with.
  4. Fill each small bowl with water.
  5. Hold your rainbow with he ends slightly submerged in the water - then watch your rainbow grow!


Watch the rainbow grow as the water is 'sucked' through the holes in the kitchen towel. What happens to the colours as they mix together? 


Don't forget to email pictures to myself and Mrs Rees!


Tuesday 31st March

Bore da! We hope everyone is well and staying safe. Myself and Mrs Rees are missing you all very, very much! Please email photographs of you completing fun activities for us to see your happy, smiling faces and we'll upload them onto this page for your friends to see what you are doing. The email address is


Some activities for you to try over the next few days...

  1. Art work to put in your window - the bigger and brighter, the better. Lots of houses have put pictures of rainbows and sunshine in their windows and it looks so cheerful!
  2. Decorate eggs with felt pens, paint, sequins and jewels - make sure they are hard boiled first though! 
  3. Write clues for an egg hunt - you can use the eggs you have decorated. Send pictures of your clues and hiding places!!
  4. Bake!! With a grown up bake your favourite cake or biscuit. Chocolate is my favourite..what is yours?
  5. David Walliams is reading his hilarious stories for free. Go to
  6. Edinburgh Zoo has live cameras in their panda, koala, penguins and tiger enclosures. Go to their website and click on the live cam menu. 

We cannot wait to see you photographs and will speak to you very soon:)

Mrs Rawlings and Mrs Rees x



COVID-19 - Home learning

A pack of work has been created for all Year 1 pupils.

Within the pack are literacy and maths activities to keep little brains active - as well as mindfulness colourings to help calm and relax! Usernames and passwords have also been sent home for Mathletics and Purple Mash. If you have not received any of these, please contact the school asap so we can arrange for you to collect them.

When you sign into Purple Mash, click on '2Dos' which is at the top left of the home screen - there are several activities that I have set for your child to complete. A long with completing the work packs, please continue to read to your child everyday.

Keeping active is important, especially if you are in isolation. YouTube is a great resource; Joe Wicks (Body Coach) has several short videos for keeping active, or google physical activities/yoga for children and several will come up.

The website 'Twinkl' is allowing all parents to join for free during these challenging times. There are hundreds of fantastic resources you can access on the website and I highly recommend using it. 

Our topic next term will be 'Springing into Spring', where will be looking at plants, flowers, mini-beasts and animals. Please have a conversation with your child about anything they would like to learn during the topic and bring it into school when we return. 

Should you need to contact me, my email address is -


Please stay safe and I look forward to our school family being together again very soon!


Mrs Rawlings

Croeso i Year 1!


Remembrance Day 2019

Year 1 have been remembering all the brave soldiers who help to to keep us safe. This is one of our children's rights - Article 19: we have the right to be safe. 

We made beautiful poppies, did observational drawings and wrote about how we can keep one another safe. We were ambitious, capable learners!










After our trip to St Fagans, we had an afternoon experimenting with toys from the past. Some of the toys we were not sure how to work, but after lots of thought and persevering we worked it out! The egg and cup was very popular, especially with the adults in the class!






St Fagans

We went on our class trip to St Fagans. It was a very wet day, but we had so much fun. Mrs Haven in the office even had a phone call from St Fagans to say that we were the most polite and well behaved school that they had visit all week! Da iawn Year 1!







We found the brick house from the Three Little Pigs. Luckily the wolf was no-where to be seen!



We visited the shops selling lots of things that were familiar and not so familiar. We have been using weighing scales in our classroom, but our scales are very different to the scales in the shop!



Next Ceri showed us some very old toys.  They were very different to the toys we play with, but we had so much fun playing with them!



Being creative

Gwent Music came into our school to talk about playing a musical instrument. Lots of us had a go at playing some of the brass instruments. When we came back to class, some of us used the equipment around the room to make our own instruments. Some of us even danced to the tune being played on our instruments!



Making stew

We read the story 'The Three Little Pigs' and were shocked that the wolf fell into a pot of stew. Some of us were not sure what stew was, so we thought it would be a good idea to use all the healthy vegetables that are growing at the moment to make a delicious stew. We all tried it and thought it was scrumptious, just what we needed on a cold and rainy day!








Postcards to our families

We were all very excited to post our cards telling you all about our walk around the local area. We bought our stamps from Mrs Bearcroft and posted them in the post box. 






Year 1 does Mini-Yoga

We have been ensuring our minds and bodies are kept healthy by taking part in Mrs Rees Mini-Yoga sessions. We are all very relaxed!