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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2




We love seeing all the work that you have been doing, as well as all the other exciting activities you do. Please keep sending us all your photos so we can enjoy sharing your ideas. We miss all your creativity, stories and smiles.

Please email any questions or concerns.

Keep up the lovely work!


Monday 13th July 

Literacy Task

 Find a nice rug or towel and sit on it! Your rug is magical and will take you anywhere you want to go! Think carefully about your destination! Do you want to go to a hot country or cold? I would like to visit Santa at the North Pole! Miss Manfield would like to go to the end of the rainbow!

Write about where you would to go and why!   


Maths Task

3D Shape hunt.

Go round your house looking for 3D shapes. Look for cones, cylinders, spheres, cubes and cuboids. 

Watch 'Here are the 3D shapes I know' song.

Watch Jack Hartmann and sing your times table songs. 


Topic Task


Draw a rainbow and what you think could be hidden at the end of the rainbow! 


Take part in cosmic yoga and a Joe Wicks session this week. You can find them both on you tube. 


Carry out some research on your favourite animal. 


Have fun. This will be our last week of blended learning. We break up on Friday 17th July. During the six weeks Summer holidays look at the Summer pack that has been handed out with your report. Keep your number, reading and writing skills going ready for year 3. I know you will all have so much fun next year with Miss Francis. 



Monday 6th July

You are all my super stars. 

Literacy Task 

If you could be any superhero, who would you be? You can design your own superhero. Draw a picture of yourself as that superhero, write a detailed description of what you look like and what your special powers are. Use adjectives( describing words) to tell me all about yourself!

Remember to use capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and the correct punctuation. 


Maths Tasks

Write your numbers 1 to 50 on small pieces of paper. Put the pieces of  paper in a bowl and mix them up!  Pick a number from the bowl, roll a dice to make a take away sum. So if you picked out 43 and rolled a 6 your sum is 43 - 6= 

Once you have completed ten take away questions trying adding the number you roll on a dice. So if you pick out 23 and roll a 4 your sum would be 23+4=


Topic Task

Raisins Dancing Experiment

You will need a cup of squash, a cup of water and a cup of lemonade or fizzy water. You will need a small packet of raisins too.

What do you think will happen to the raisins when you out them into each cup? Make a prediction!

Put about 8 raisins into each cup.

Carry out the experiment. What happened? Why do you think this happened?

Creative Task

Make your own superhero toilet roll at home!


Monday 29th June 


Literacy Task

Have a think about your favorite food that you like to make with your grown up. This could be a sandwich, pancakes, toast, cakes or ice lollies. 

Write a list of instructions for me to follow to make your snack. Remember to use instructional sentences and time connectives for example, First crack two eggs into a bowl, next add 2 cups of flour...


Maths Task

Watch Jack Hartmann times tables songs on you tube. Concentrate on your 2, 3,4,5 and 10 times tables. Go on purple mash to play the games to help us you with your times tables.


Topic Task

Think about what makes a good friend. Talk to the people who live in your house about this. Make a list of things that you think are important to be a good friend.


Monday 22nd June

Literacy Task

Write about your favorite film character. Watch the film again and then answer the questions below.


Why do you like the character?

What happens to the character in the film?

What does the film character look like?

Write any famous lines from the film?


Give the film a star rating and tell me why I should watch the film! 

Remember your capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. Use adjectives to describe your character.


Maths Task


Make a menu for the cinema snack shop. Put prices on some snacks in your house ( 60 pence for an apple, 30 pence for a biscuit). Ask someone who lives with you to pick two items to buy. Add up the two amounts, tell them how much they need to pay you!


Try making amounts to 20 pence then £1, then £2 and then £5 if you want a challenge!



Watch 'Let's Learn Fractions- understanding maths for kids' on you tube.

Then complete your purple mash activity on pizza fractions.

There are other activities on purple mash this week, please go on purple mash every week and complete your activities by Friday.   


Topic Task

Find your  favorite toy and draw it. Look carefully and include lots of detail. 

Complete a cosmic yoga session this week on you tube. 


Good luck and enjoy. Remember to send me your pictures and email with any questions.  


Monday 15th June 

We all hope you had a nice weeked and we are looking forward to speaking to you all again this week. Remember to look at your tasks every week on purple mash and to go on mathletics every day too.


Literacy Task

Complete the transition booklet below(spreading my wings from year 2 to year 3). If you do not have a printer, write your information on paper.


Maths Task

Use a ruler to measure objects carefully around your home. Can you find an object shorter than 10cm?Can you find an object longer than 18cm?  There are 100cm in 1 metre. How many cm's are in 2 metres? Can you find something 2 metres long or tall?



Draw, paint or create a picture of what you are looking forward to doing when you return to school. This maybe seeing your friends, going to forest school or seeing us! 

Have a good week year 2. 





Have a good week year 2. We are missing you all so much. Remember to carry out your purple mash activities every week too. 


Don't forget there are lots of free websites you can use for activity ideas and learning including;

Joe Wicks P.E session on Youtube.

Steve Backshall has a Q and A session. He also has loads of cool Deadly 60 videos for learning about animals!

Live Science Experiments

View inside NASA

Watch live webcams! 

You can also watch recordings from live animals. My favourites are the polar bears and orcas!!

BBC bitesize have many lessons and activities to do.

Daily phonics to help with sounds

Maths with Carol Voderman


Just a little video to remind you how to stay safe. From Emmet and Lucy...

Have a lovely, safe weekend!


Summer Term




Oak National Academy


The Department of Education have released the 'Oak National Academy'. It is an online resource for all year groups to support home learning. Each day lessons are released for your child to access. Have a look!


Share a story


We love listening to you read and miss you telling us your stories. Every Monday, we thought it would be nice to share a story with you. Film yourself reading a story, a chapter from a book or acting a story, and send it to the email to feature on our 'Share a story' section. Please make sure your video is no bigger than 75mb or it won't load. Thank you!! We can't wait to hear your favourite stories.

This week is slightly different. Join in for an active start to your week. Here is 'Exercise with Elliott-May.'


Exercise with Elliott-May

Still image for this video

Home Learning Photos

Julia Donaldson


Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler have released some amazing free learning packs to go with some of their books including Stick Man, Zog and The Highway Rat. Take a look and explore new stories together.

More ideas are also available from the website...


Watch these animations to help with the activities.


The Highway Rat-

Stick Man-

The Scarecrow's wedding-

Tabby McTat-

Stuc on Spelingz?


Spelling can be super tricky and we can't always tell if we have spelt a word correctly. Hopefully these ideas will help you on your way to becoming a Spelling Star!

Below are a list of words that we should be able to spell as well as some tricky words that are harder to sound out.

In school we use Read Write Inc to practice sounds and use these sounds to help with our spellings. Use the Read Write Inc Sets below to help you when you are spelling words. It is not always easy to know which is the correct blend to use but if you trigh, trie, try you can see which spelling looks right. Don't be afraid to have a go.


There are lots of fun ways you can practice your spellings. Why don't you try some?

Spell your words in...

-a book, on paper, in the air

-glitter, chalks, paint

-shaving foam

-mud or other natural objects



There are also lots of great spelling games online.


Use the Tic-Tac-Toe game below to choose how you will practice.


Keep persevering and it will become a lot easier.


Still image for this video
Wow Elliott-May! You made a superb presentation with lots of interesting facts about lighthouses. Bendigedig :)

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

Still image for this video
Ardderchog Lexi! A wonderful reenactment about the story. :)

Previous Tasks


Monday 8th June



We would like to know what you have been up to since the end of March. Please write a letter to us telling us all about your time at home. You can bring it to school when we return.  



Make a 100 square( write numbers 1 to 10, then underneath write 11 to 20, then 21 to 30 etc) play a game

Roll a dice and move along the 100 square every time you land on a number answer a question.

What is 10 more than your number?

What is 10 less?

What is 11 more?

What is 11 less?

What is 9 more?

What is 9 less?

If you answer it correctly, roll again.



How have buildings/houses changed since 'The Great Fire of London'?

What materials were most of the houses built from years ago? What materials are used now? Watch the video from last weeks task again to help you and carry out some research. 

This week we will be finding out about 'The Great Fire of London.'  

Please click on the link to find out more and do some of your own research.



Pretend you are a journalist and write a newspaper report about 'The Great Fire of London.' Remember to use bold and short headlines. You will need to include facts and use interesting vocabulary. Remember to use the correct punctuation too!



Write your doubles to 20





You can find double songs to 20 on you tube for example 'doubles, doubles, dancing doubles'

If you want an extension, double numbers to 100( we would use double diamonds in school)

so  for double 23, double 20 (40) then double 3(6) then add 40 and 6 so your answer is 46.    

Here are some examples on how to work it out...



Who is Samuel Pepys? What did he do during 'The Great Fire of London.' Can you find out any interesting facts about him? 

Remember to go on mathletics for at least 15 minutes a day and there are weekly jobs on purplemash to complete. I can mark your tasks and write messages back to you. Please complete these tasks and hand in by Friday.


Monday 18th May

This week's task will look further at 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch.'


Literacy Task

Speech marks or quotation marks

Keep your quotation marks at the beginning and the end of the words being spoken.


''More please!'' I said.


Make sure your speech is correctly punctuated. This includes a piece of punctuation before closing the quotation marks.


''It's time to get up, you have work to do," I said.


What would you say to Mr Grinling ?

Try writing your own sentences using speech marks.  


Maths Tasks

Have a go at some of these problem solving activities.



Topic Tasks

Have a go at cosmic yoga or Joe Wicks.  Make up your own exercise routine. Teach the routine to members of your family. Give clear directions!

Light sources.

The bulb in the lighthouse is a source of light. Can you think of anymore? Carry out some research on light sources.


Monday 11th May

This week's tasks will look further at 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch.'


Literacy Task

Write a character description about Mr Grinling. What was he like? Did he work hard?


Pretend you are one of the seagulls. Write the story from the point of view of one of the seagulls!! 



Carry out some research on lighthouses. Find out the history about lighthouses, why were they built? Where were they built? 

Can you draw a light house?  





Monday 4th may

This week's task's will be based on the story 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch.'

Follow this link for a youtube video of the story. Enjoy!


Literacy Tasks

Act out the story with some of the people you live with. You could make masks or use resources you have at home to dress up as the characters!!


Write a diary from the point of view of Mr Grinling. How did he feel each day? What did he do? 


Maths Tasks

Ask your adult to put prices on your snacks/drinks and meals each day.

Every time you want a drink, snack or meal you need to pay your adult!!

You can use real coins or make your own coins.

Some children are working on making amounts to 20 pence, some are working on making amounts to £1 and some are making amounts to £5. Go with your child's ability as soon as they can use different coins to make 20 pence try to encourage them to make amounts to 50 pence and then a pound.

Top marks ( have some fun money games. We have used the Toy Shop money game in class.


Topic Tasks

Plan a healthy lunch for the lighthouse keeper.

Plan and carry out an investigation to find out the strength of different materials. Which would be best to protect the Lighthouse keeper's lunch? 


Friday 8th May is a very special day. Britain will be commemorating the 75th anniversary of VE day. This was when the guns finally fell silent at the end of the war in Europe. For more information or ideas visit There is also a competition which can be entered by 6th May,


To celebrate this day, we would like you to create your own Union Jack Flag. We want you to get creative and be as imaginative as you can.  


Monday 27th April


Topic Task


What are the features of a seaside town? Where are the seaside towns?

Draw a picture of a seaside town and label the main features.


Pretend you are at the seaside. Find a photograph of you at the seaside and write a postcode about you day at the beach. 

Remember your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops! 


Literacy Task

Write a list of what you would need to take on a holiday to the seaside.

Maths Tasks 

Magic numbers

How many ways can you make 20?      18+2=20  40-20=20   2x10=20  4x5=20

If you find that easy try changing your magic number for example 100!


Continue with your home learning packs and the websites listed above.

Good luck! Remember to do some literacy and numeracy tasks every day. We love having emails from you and receiving photographs of your work. 

Monday 20th April

Literacy Task

News writing. Tell us what you have been doing for the past two weeks. Have you been playing games, drawing or painting? Have you been helping around your house?


Maths Task

Watch Jack Hartmann times tables songs, focus on 2,3,5 and 10 times tables. Topmarks( have lots of times tables games to play.   


Topic for the week!

Design your own Easter egg or chocolate bar. Use adjectives to describe how your chocolate egg or bar will taste.


Have fun and take care!


Keep emailing us with your fantastic photographs and any questions you may have.


Wow girls!! You have been so busy working through your packs and coming up with your own ideas and activities to help with your learning. We are very proud of you. Keep up the hard work and keep smiling! laugh

COVID-19-Home Learning


A pack of work has been made for all year 2 pupils. If you have not received the pack it will be in a box in the main reception and can be picked up from Wednesday 25th of March. Within the pack are activities to cover all areas of learning. Usernames and passwords have also been sent home for Mathletics and Purple Mash. If you have not received these passwords please email me. When you sign into Purple Mash, click on '2DOs' which is in the the top left corner of the home screen-there are several activities that I have set. Please continue to read to your child every day and act out stories whenever you can! Keeping active is important, especially if you are in isolation. You Tube is a great resource. Joe Wicks has several short videos for keeping active and Cosmic kids yoga is another fantastic resource to use to help the children relax.      

Joe Wicks has a live session every weekday at 9:00 on you tube.

David Williams has a literacy session at 11:00 everyday. Go to

Ruth Miskin Phonic lessons everyday on You Tube. Set 1 9:30 Set 2 10:00 Set 3 10:30

Oti Mabuse has daily dance lessons on her Facebook page 11:30-12:00pm


The website 'Twinkl' is allowing parents to join for free during these challenging times. On 'Twinkl' there are power points to watch together or sheets to print off. Phonics play is also free and has lovely reading activities.  



Our topic next term is 'seaside'. We would like the children to start finding out about how seaside holidays have changed. The children could interview their grandparents(over the phone) and write what has changed and what has stayed the same. We will be looking at how important it is to take care of the environment. Please can the children carry out some research about recycling and make recycling posters. 

Monday 30th March


Literacy Task

Draw a story map of a book or film you have read or watched. All the children know how to draw a story map. They need 8 to 10 bubbles or circles drawn on a piece of paper. They can then draw the main events in the story and label the pictures. Once they have drawn the story map they can use that to write the story. Remember your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 



Maths Task

We have been working on telling the time.  Ask your adult to help you look at the clock in your home throughout the day and tell the time.   



Ask an adult to help you find out about 'Easter' and why it is celebrated.  Make an Easter card for someone you live with.  




If there are any problems, questions or you would like to share any learning activities you have done please email me, 


Take care year 2 . I look forward to seeing what you have been up to. x


Pancake Day




Our topic this term is 'Explorers'. We have been finding out about Newport and decided to learn more about the transporter bridge. 


We invited Emma in and asked her questions that we written. 




We really enjoyed going on the gondola and seeing the engine house. We learnt lots of facts about the transporter bridge. We wrote thank you letters to Emma. 



We all dressed up for Commando Joe Day. We found clues around the classroom which revealed a picture of a large box. We then worked in groups to draw and write descriptions about what could in the box! 







We have been using mathematical vocabulary when playing team games.

We were able to make quarter and half turns. Some of us knew our left and right! We had fun giving our friends directions!