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Where children learn to live and live to learn in an ever changing world

Year 3 Miss Francis

Miss Francis welcomes you to the Year 3 Class Page


Miss Francis is the Class Teacher in Year 3. 
Miss A and Miss Parsons are the TAs. 

We also have Mrs Moore and Mr Lennon who will be in the class on a Tuesday afternoon. 


We are looking forward to seeing you all this term.

Please keep and eye out on our class page for information about the class, photos of what the children have been getting up to and information about the topics we will be doing.


Friday 07.05.21 Home Learning Activities 

Cooking Dojo Activity

Thursday 06.05.21 Home Learning Activities 

Wednesday 05.05.21 Home Learning Activities 

Tuesday 04.05.21 Home Learning Activities 

Literacy/ Topic 04.05.21

Friday 30.04.21 Home Learning Activities 

Healthy Meal Activity- make a meal using the foods in the small circle

Word Search

Monday 26.04.21 Home Learning Activities 

Friday 23.04.21 Home Learning Activities

Thursday 22.04.21 Home Learning Activities 

Wednesday 21.04.21 Home Learning Activities

Friday Home Learning Activities 12.03.21 
Thursday Home Learning Activities 11.03.21
Wednesday Home Learning Activities 10.03.21
Tuesday Home Learning Activities 09.03.21
Monday Home Learning Activities 08.03.21
Friday Home Learning Activities 05.03.21
Thursday Home Learning Activities 04.03.21
Wednesday Home Learning Activities 03.03.21
Tuesday Home Learning Activities 02.03.21
Monday 01.03.21 Home Learning Activities 

Spring 2 week 1

5 Day Mindfulness Challenge 

Have a go at the challenge and complete the activities every day!

Friday Home Learning Activities 26.02.21 

Literacy Eisteddfod Task 2 26.02.21

Thursday 25.02.21 Home Learning Activities 

Other Activities on Dojo 25.02.21 

  • Phonics session linked to Nessy Islands 


Wednesday 24.02.21 Home Learning Activities 


Eisteddfod Task 1 24.02.21 

Make a 3D castle out of recycled materials 

Tuesday 23.02.21 Home Learning Activities 

Friday Home Learning Activities 12.02.21 


Thursday Home Learning Activities 11.02.21


Draw or make a love spoon of your choice. You can use the worksheet above to design one using the pictures or make one out of things you have at home. 

Wednesday Home Learning Activities 10.02.21


Tuesday Morning Home Learning Activities 09.02.21

Welsh Online Activity

Counting to 100 to 100


Tuesday PM topic session

You can either:
1. Draw and colour a daffodil
Here is a link to help you on YouTube
2. Make a daffodil out of recycled materials

Monday Home Learning Activities 07.02.21 

Friday Home Learning Activities 05.02.21

Activity 1- Phonics activity on Dojo linked to Nessy islands

Activity 2- Set Mathletics activity based on this weeks learning 

Thursday Home Learning Activities 04.02.21
Wednesday Home Learning Activities 03.02.21
Tuesday Home Learning Activities 02.02.21

Extra online maths activities 

Turning Man (

JIT5 (

Monday Home Learning Activities 01.02.21
Friday Home Learning Activities 29.01.21 

You can also have a go at this game on top marks 

Thinking of a number game

Thinking of a Number - 5-8 year olds - Topmarks

Choose your own level

Thursday 28.01.21 Home Learning Activities 

Literacy Activities 28.01.21

Wednesday 27.01.21 Dojo Activities for the day 
Tuesday Home Learning Activities 26.01.21
Monday Home Learning Activities 25.01.21
Week 4 timetable

Timetable for online live sessions

Thursday Home Learning Activities 21.01.21

Topic session 21.01.21 

Watch a video of a rocket launch

Make an animation of a space launch on JIT5 (hwb J2e) animate

Tuesday 19.01.21 Home Learning Activities 

Literacy session 19.01.21

Monday 18.01.21 Home Learning Activities 
Maths session 18.01.21
Thursday 14.01.21 Home Learning Activities 
Wedesday Home Learning Activities 
Monday 11.01.21 Home learning resources 
Maths session 07.01.21 Bar charts 

Literacy session resources 07.01.21

Listen to the story The Darkest Dark 

The Darkest Dark - Kids Books Read Aloud - YouTube

Complete a book review 

06.01 Maths Live session PowerPoint pictograms

Home Learning week beginning 04.01.21

Please see below some workbooks for the children to complete. They are differentiated as mild, medium, spicy and super spicy (super spicy being the trickiest)

NB- Everything you need to know about the class work and home learning activities will be posted and updated on the ClassDojo class story and you can also find links below!  

Thanks for your continued support!

Miss Francis! 

We have had a lovely start to the school year! Here are some pictures of our first day in Year 3.


Autumn Term

Our topics for Autumn term were, All about me and Celebrations.

Have a look at what we have been up to in class this term.


Autumn Term

Christmas Party Day

Home Learning Activities