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Year 5/6 Miss Hereford

Croeso i Dosbarth Gwyrdd, Miss Hereford!


Thank you for coming to visit our class page, we've been doing so much this term so far, it's hard to know where to begin! 


Our topic this term is 'Explorers' and we've developed this in different ways. We've looked at Captain Robert Falcon-Scott that lead an expedition to the South Pole (and the disastrous consequences this held), Tori James, the first Welsh woman to climb Mount Everest and we've started studying the first voyage of the Titanic too.


We've also been on several trips and had some visitors from Romania and France too! Please take a look at some of the photos of what we have been up to and keep your eyes peeled for more updates very soon. 


If you ever need to contact me regarding any queries or concerns, my email is





This year weekly homework for Key Stage 2 will be computer based. We have created a laminated sheet for each pupil with their personal login details for each account and these have been sent home. 



The school has subscribed to Mathletics to assist our pupils in practising their skills at a level which is tailor made to their ability.  Pupils can gain points each time they use Mathletics. We recommend that pupils attempt to gain 500 points each week. 



The school has subscribed to Bug Club which is an online reading resource. Each pupil has been allocated books that match their personal reading ability. Bug Club requires pupils to read a text and then answer targeted questions about the text to assess their understanding. 



Each Monday pupils are given a list of 10 focussed spellings. These are ability matched to each pupil and will be assessed at the end of each half term. Pupils are encouraged to practise these spellings at home and transfer these to their writing. 



In addition to the weekly computer based tasks pupils will be given research homework based around their topic. These tasks will be a 'menu' of choices where the children can choose to complete the activities most interesting to them. They will not be required to complete every task.

Homework menu Autumn 2019

Picture 1

Our trip to Twmbarlwm

Year 5/6 Trip to Twmbarlwm


This year, Year 5/6 are focussing on positive behaviours for learning such as; resilience, resourcefulness, reciprocity and reflectiveness. We are really trying to build our learning power by developing these and our trip to Twmbarlwm really encouraged the use of all four of these skills! 

We trekked up Twmbarlwm, tackled obstacle courses, climbed high ropes, lit fires using steel and flint and even toasted our own marshmallows over fires. However much it rained, it didn't dampen our spirits and we had an amazing day with fantastic behaviour from the children. 


Commando Jo Day!

Commando Jo Day!  1
Commando Jo Day!  2
Commando Jo Day!  3
Commando Jo Day!  4
Commando Jo Day!  5

Commando Joe Launch Day


On October 9th we had a Commando Joe launch day. Commando Joe is a new scheme that we have introduced to Malpas Court that encourages team building, problem solving and positive behaviours for learning. 

We had a really fun day solving riddles, hunting down puzzle pieces and then using the clues to help us discover an image of a box. We then predicted what was going to be in the box before we opened it as a school in an exciting assembly. 

We discussed as a class what makes a positive Commando and the types of behaviours we needed to display- Dosbarth Gwyrdd members would make amazing commandoes! 

Trip to Big Pit with our French and Romanian Visitors

Trip to Big Pit with our French and Romanian Visitors  1
Trip to Big Pit with our French and Romanian Visitors  2
Trip to Big Pit with our French and Romanian Visitors  3
Trip to Big Pit with our French and Romanian Visitors  4