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Frequently Asked Questions


What information do I need to give in case of an emergancy?

All parents and guardians are asked to complete a 'Pupil Information Form' at the start of every academic year. This form asks for basic pupil information as well as contact details for parents/ guardians. We also ask for up to 3 emergency contacts in case the primary carers cannot be immediately contacted.

Please let the school know about any illness of medical conditions that your child may have so that we can ensure appropriate support is put in place and that we can make staff aware of any symptoms that they may have.


What happens if my child has an accident?

Minor cuts and bruises can usually be dealt with at the school, but there are occasions when further medical treatment is required. On such occasions, every attempt will be made to contact parents/ guardians first. For this reason, it is essential that the school has accurate and up to date records of where parents can be contacted during the day. If you do not have a telephone at home or at work, you may be able to give us the number of a neighbour. Please inform the school immeditely if your address or telephone number have changed.

In an emergency, it may be necessary to take your child to hospital. If there are any parents who object to this or who know of any allergies etc suffered by their child they should contact the headteacher.


Can my child take medicine in school?

Under normal circumstances medicines are not administered in school. Most medicines can be administered at home before and after school. If medicine needs to be administered at lunchtime, parents may be requested to come into school themselves, or arrange for their child to go home. In exceptional circumstances ie in order to complete a course of antibiotics or pain relief for a broken bone, the headteacher may give permission for medicine to be administered in school. Medicines must be prescribed by a doctor and a parent/ guardian must visit the school to sign a medicine permission slip, detailling the medicine to be administered, at what time and the dosage. This is of upmost importance. The medicine should be brought into the school office and collected by an adult each day. No tablets or medicines should be kept in bags or lockers or sent in with the child.

Parents whose children suffer with asthma are asked to ensure that inhalers are clearly labelled with the childs name and date of birth. Inhalers are kept in each childs classroom store cupboard for safe keeping, children have access to them at any time.


What medical assessments and procedures are carried out in school?

Reception: Vision and Growth, Hearing Screening

Reception - Year 6: Flu spray

Nursery - Year 2: Teeth cleaning and Fluoride application


Common illnesses and time off school 

Chicken Pox5 days off school from the onset of the rash. Must be completely scabbed over to return
Hand, Foot and MouthNone
Impetigo48 hours off school after the first does of antibiotics
Measles4 days off school from the onset of the rash
Head LiceNone - treat at home and use a nit comb
ThreadwormNone - whole household will require treatment
RingwormNone - treatment is required
ConjunctivitisNone - treatment is required
Diarrhoea and Vomitting48 hours off after the last episode of sickness or diarrhoea


What happens is my child loses property in school?

Please make sure that all personal belongings are marked with your childs name so that it can be returned to them straight away. We have lost property boxes in the infants and juniors. We try to encourage children to look after their possessions but please speak to the class teacher if something is lost.

We recommend that children do not bring sentimental or valuable items into school at all.


Can my child ride a bike to school?

Children may ride their bikes to school where they can be stored in the bike shelter at the front of the school. The gate is locked in the morning and unlocked at the end of the day. We recommend that children still use a chain to secure their bikes and wear a helmet for safety,


Can my child leave the school premises during the day?

Children are not allowed to leave the site during school hours. Parents should inform the office if they need to collect their child early for an appointment, or if they are taking them home for lunch. Children must be signed out when they leave and signed back in on their return.


Can my child bring a snack to school?

We encourage children to bring in a healthy snack that they can enjoy at break time. As a healthy school, we discourage sweets and crisps. Both infants and juniors can purchase fruit in school for £1 a week, which should be brought in each Monday. Infants are also entitled to free milk in school.


What happens if I am worried about my child?

We advise that you speak to your childs teacher as soon as possible, or contact the office to make an appointment with the headteacher.

If you are worried about your childs progress, please speak to your childs teacher so that they can go through the work with you.

If you are worried about your child and another child, please let us know right away.


How does the school communicate with parents?

We use an app called Class Dojo, to communicate with parents and to keep you up to date. The app can be accessed via phone, tablet or PC. We also use the app to send reminders and urgent updates. Please make every effort to download it so that you don't miss out on any important information.


Are photographs and videos taken in school?

We take photographs in school for the childrens records, displays, Class Dojo and our social media/ website. Occasionally photos may be taken of your children at events off site. Please indicate on the pupil information form if you consent to these photographs being taken.

Due to child protection and safeguarding, we ask that if parents take and photos during school events, that they are not uploaded onto social media.


Can my child bring a drink into school?

Children are encouraged to bring a water bottle into school every day. As a healthy school, we only allow water to be drunk during the day - although other drinks such as juice or smoothies can be had with their lunch. We discourage children from bringing fizzy drinks or energy drinks into school. Water bottles can be purchased from the office for £1. Water bottles should be clearly labelled with your childs name.


When are fire drills carried out?

Whole school fire drills are carried out each half term, taking place at different times during the school day, so that children know what to do and where to go regardless of where in the school they are.


Inclement Weather

On occasion we may be required to close the school due to bad weather or snow. We will inform parents as early as possible on the day, via Class Dojo, Facebook and the school website.

During hot weather, we advise all children to bring a hat to school and that they have sun cream applied before coming to school. Children should also have a water bottle that can be topped up through the day.


School Dinners

Our school dinners are provided by Chartwells and our school is lucky to have its own canteen. A different hot meal is available each day with a rolling 3 week menu. Two cold options are also available each day.

We use the Parent Pay system to order and pay for meals. Meals cost £2.15 per meal. Pupils chose which meal they would like at the start of the day. Lunchtime is staggered between 12:00 and 1:10pm

Parents must keep their Parent Pay accounts topped up and in credit. Meals will not be provided for children in arrears. You will be provided with a Parent Pay log in when your child starts school. Alternatively, you can purchase a top up card which can be used at Pay Points.


Free School Meals

If you think your child is eligible for free school meals, you can apply online at