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Heddlu Bach

Heddlu Bach - Gwent Police

What is Heddlu Bach?

Heddlu Bach is a fun and interactive programme for schools run by Gwent Police, for children aged between 9-11. The children involved will develop confidence through a series of enjoyable activities.

There are three elements to Heddlu Bach;

  • Educational
  • Community Involvement
  • Reward

Children and schools work together to tackle local issues, highlighted by the children in their own community. They work alongside local Neighbourhood Policing Teams, on crime prevention initiatives and taking ownership of the tasks.


Heddlu Bach aims to work with young people to promote and deliver on;

  • inspiring trust and confidence within communities
  • helping to protect communities and the vulnerable
  • communicate to reassure communities
  • working in collaboration with communities and external partners
  • target young people with early intervention
  • educate young people about the work the police force and external agencies do