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Malpas Court Primary School

Where children learn to live and live to learn in an ever changing world

Year 1 - Little Acorns

Welcome to our Year 1 family!

Miss Warren is the Year 1 class teacher, along with teaching assistants; Mrs Taylor, Miss Barnett and Mrs Stroud.


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"I love playing with my friends and I love learning!"

"I love the reading corner."

"I like going out to play!"

"I like playing with my friends."

70 Things To Do Before You Leave Malpas Court - Year 1

Try a new foodRun and jump in the autumn leavesBuild a denRead a book on the grass on a sunny dayPlant a bulb and care for it
Have a pyjama eventButton/ zip up your own coatWash your hands and clean your teeth correctlyOpen packets in your lunch boxHave a school trip adventure


Home Learning Activities

Finding halves - with a grown up's help, can you cut a pizza, apple, sandwich in half? Can you fold a napkin, blanket in half? What else can you find around the house to make halves with?

What about making halves with numbers? Can you share eggs, cakes, sweets into halves? What happens if you have an odd number?


Money - fill a bucket with water. 

Place a pebble or rock at the bottom of it.

Have lots of 1p's, 2p's, 5p's and 10p's.

Using 5 coins, see if you can drop a coin (one at a time) into the bucket and hit the pebble!

If you added up all of the coins that hit the pebble how much would that be?

if one more coin had hit/not hit the pebble, how much would that be?

If we take out all of the coins that hit the pebble, how many coins are there left and how much money is that altogether?

Repeat with just 2p's. Can you count in 2's to find out how much money hit/didn't hit the pebble?


Science - making a lava lamp.

Create coloured water by adding a few drops of food colouring to it. 

Fill a tall container with a mixture of equal parts coloured water and cooking oil. Stir them up and watch what happens. Have a think why?

Add an effervescent vitamin C tablet and what what happens now. You have created your very own lava lamp!


Go on a hunt! Can you find something...

  1. big
  2. heavy
  3. fast
  4. smelly
  5. rough
  6. tiny
  7. soft
  8. wet
  9. loud
  10. bendy

Happy hunting!




Number hunts - on your walk, take photos of any numbers you see. Look for numbers that helps us like speed signs, number plates and door numbers. Ask questions such as:

  • Can you find me a number more that fifty?
  • What do you thing the next door number will be? Were you right?
  • Can you point to an odd/even number?
  • What is the biggest/smallest number we found?  


Board game

You do not always need games bought from a shop - you can make games using chalk, pebbles, bottle tops etc.

Play snakes and ladders, ask questions such as:

  • You threw a __. Where will your counter end up if you count on __ more?
  • Which number do you want to throw (because there is a ladder coming up)?
  • Which number do you not want to throw (because there is a snake coming up)?
  • Who is winning? How do you know? By how many?
  • How many squares until you/I reach the end?



On your walk, collect anything that interest you - leaves, flowers, feather etc. 

When you are home, find some card and cut out your favourite shape (remembering to make it as big as possible). Now cover the shape in glue and stick on your collection - my favourite things to glue on are daisies! 




A teddy bears picnic! 

  1. Make a list of all the toys you want to invite.
  2. Design eye catching invitations for the toys. Make sure you include all the important information on them, you do not want them turning up on the wrong day or at the wrong time!
  3. Write a list of the food you will need for the picnic and the quantity - there is nothing worse than not having enough cakes for your guests!
  4. Make the food. Have you cut the sandwiches and cakes equally. 
  5. Share out the food. How many do they have? How many would they have if they eat half of them? One guest wants double! How many would he have?
  6. Write thank you letters from the toys, thanking you for a wonderful picnic. 


Science - Look up the Maddie Moate channel on YouTube. You learn lots about science in a fun and interesting way.

Maths - now the sun is shining it is the ideal time to learn about capacity. Go around the house finding different containers that will hold liquid. Fill up a washing bowl. Investigate which container holds the most, which holds the least. How many cups does it take to fill the containers? Can you order them from most to least? Can you fill them so that they are half full? What is the difference between the number of cups it take to fill the biggest container, compared to the smallest container? 

Using the water, why not give your toys a good wash so they are looking smart for the picnic?!

Become scientists and make a rainbow!


You will need:

  • Kitchen roll
  • Felt tip pens
  • Two small bowls of water
  • Paper clip
  • Thread/string


  1. Cut your kitchen roll into the shape of a rainbow.
  2. Colour a rainbow with felt tips - BUT NOT THE WHOLE RAINBOW - ONLY ABOUT 2 CM'S UP ON EACH SIDE.
  3. Attach your paper clip to the top and tie a piece of thread/string to it. This will give you somethign to hold your rainbow with.
  4. Fill each small bowl with water.
  5. Hold your rainbow with he ends slightly submerged in the water - then watch your rainbow grow!


Watch the rainbow grow as the water is 'sucked' through the holes in the kitchen towel. What happens to the colours as they mix together?