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Malpas Court Primary School

Where children learn to live and live to learn in an ever changing world


Welcome to Oaks SLIB!


The teacher for the Oaks SLIB is Mrs Harrington, who is supported by Ms Malpas, Mrs Whistance, Mrs Hathway and Mrs B Jones.


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Information regarding Speech and Language provision at Malpas Court


The Speech and Language Resource Base is part of Newport’s educational provision.


It accommodates sixteen children, between the ages of four and eleven, from the four education authorities of Newport, Torfaen, Blaenau Gwent and Monmouthshire.


There are two classes of eight children one infant and one junior class who receive daily speech and language from specialist Teachers and Teaching Assistants, and we also have an onsite Speech & Language therapist two days a week. The inspection of the Speech & Language Resource Base was Quality Assured under outcomes, safeguarding, Well-being, looking at policy, practice and reading our self-evaluation report, the Base was awarded Excellent Green status. 


The exit and entry criteria flow chart highlights the process for pupil placement as agreed by the four Authorities Panel.  Pupils in the Speech and Language Base are taught through Sign Along and Paget Gorman along with Cued Articulation, Shape Colour Coding and a range of other highly specialised techniques and resources.


The Speech & Language Resource Base is viewed as an example of Excellence and as a school we have achieved Communication Friendly School Status.  This shows our continued commitment to Speech Language and Communication.


For more information, please speak to Mrs Webb, Mrs Harrington or contact your local authority.

70 Things To Do Before You Leave Malpas Court - KS2

Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
Know your date of birthSing the Welsh national anthemEnter a competitionRepresent your school
Answer the telepone and take a messageWrite your address and postcodeLearn a traditional Welsh songTake part in a vote and understand current affairs
Take on a role of responsibilitySew on a buttonEat something you have grownMake a presentation to a large audience
Recognise at least 4 different British birds, flowers and treesPlay an instrumentBe able to speak in publicHold and fulfil a role of responsibility
Learn a Welsh prayer to say at lunchtimeClimb a huge hillHelp someone with their learningRead a map, use a compass and put up a tent
Hold an unusual animalPresent to your classLearn and abide by the Country CodePrepare a meal
Learn how to get on with everyoneComplete a simple cross stitch patternRaise money for charityRead a bus timetable and know how to use public transport
Tie your shoe lacesSell something you have madeComplete homework in Google ClassroomRide a bike safely
Wash up and dry dishesLearn to swimRead a mapMan a stall at the school fete and take part in Enterprise activities
Fly a kiteLearn a card game and play it with a partnerPrepare a packed lunchKnow basic first aid


Below are links to some activities to support home learning: