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Malpas Court Primary School

Where children learn to live and live to learn in an ever changing world

Nursery - Little Acorns

Welcome to Malpas Court Nursery


In our Nursery we have Miss Short who is the Nursery teacher, along with Mrs Lewis, Miss Harris and Miss Healy our Nursery teaching assistants.


Please look at our Class Dojo page to keep updated on our topic, photos of what the children have been learning, events and information.


In Malpas Court Nursery we aim to nurture children's wellbeing alongside developing Literacy, Numeracy and curricular skills through facilitating a broad range of rich, multi-sensory, explorative, authentic learning experiences both indoors and outdoors. We value the  importance of outdoor learning where Nursery pupil's are encouraged to access daily throughout the year. The natural environment is invigorating which offers unique learning opportunities through seasonal changes and observing natural phenomena where children can make sense of the world by observing, touching, smelling, tasting and listening. These activities help increase levels of personal, social, emotional wellbeing, independence and risk taking, cross- curricular learning, physical development, collaboration, levels of engagement, problem solving and schematic development. We encourage child-led, co-constructive learning where children's experiences and interests inform practitioners of the direction of each child's learning journey which is specifically appropriate to them. We enjoy and are extremely grateful for all the help from families, friends of the school such as Malpas Court House where John Cox and the staff have been very generous and we look forward to continue to working with them further. 

We are keen for the children to develop their speaking and listening skills through listening to stories and learning nursery rhymes and action songs. We have family story time and nursery rhyme sessions. Also we provide a book and nursery rhyme weekly in book bags which is fun for the children to do at home.

We have family Forest School sessions every term. These include Autumn walks, chocolate coin hunts in the woods at Christmas with a Father Christmas visit and Easter egg hunts and Summer events. All of these sessions include craft, cooking activities with a fire for cooking toast marshmallows and hot chocolate.

Important Information


Snack Times 

In nursery we will provide a snack and milk every day for a donation of £1 a week. This money allows us to provide various fruit, toast and other healthy snacks as well as purchase cooking and gardening equipment.  


You will not need to send your child in with any refreshments as we will provide these. 


A little reminder 

Please can you ensure that all your child’s clothing including shoes are labelled with their names so they can be returned to you 


Class Dojo 


Class Dojo is a digital platform for educators, pupils and families, it allows us to share letters, reminders and exciting news about what is going on in nursery. Class Dojo also allows us to celebrate your child’s work and show you the fabulous activities that we have been enjoying. It can be used on various devices as well as on a web browser at  


Class Dojo is a secure platform and can only be accessed via your childs unique code. School and class pages are not visible to the public.


Parent codes will be given out at the start of the school year and it is really important that you sign up. Class Dojo allows us to be paper free while still sharing important news with you. If you need any more information about this please speak to Miss Thomas. There is also a parents/ guardians guide to ICT available on the website if you need any help or support.  


Click on the links below to view our amazing nursery family in action!

 Learning at home

In Nursery we love singing nursery rhymes, action songs and number songs. It would be really beneficial and great fun for children to continue with this. 


It is also useful for children to listen to stories, talk about them and draw a character from the book.


Children can count out groups of 1-5 and then 1- 10 with toys, natural objects such as leaves and sticks or coins. Children could make number cards from old cardboard packaging, they can write over large numbers written by an adult (1-5 and then 1- 10) and then decorate them. 


There are lots of opportunities to learn through practical activities. In the garden children can plant seeds to grow their own flowers and vegetables, draw and do rubbings, make shelters from sticks for their teddies , make wands, perfume or potions with water and leaves, flowers and sticks.

Children can make a minibeast hotel or bird feeder from recycling (lots of ideas on Pintrest).


Cooking also provides fantastic learning experiences, such as making Easter nests with Shredded Wheat and chocolate which encourages children to follow instructions and become aware of what happens when things are heated and cooled.


We hope you all enjoy lots of fun learning together.