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Letter about schools re-opening

Dear Parents / Guardians,


Thank you for your patience in awaiting our plans for the reopening of school to all pupils. I hope that you and your family are all safe and well. You are consistently in our thoughts during these challenging times.


All staff are really looking forward to seeing the children again. They have missed them so much! Please be assured that with the support of the Local Authority detailed risk assessments have been carried out and the school environment modified to ensure social distancing can be adhered to as far as possible and clear cleaning and handwashing regimes have been planned and resourced.


Following on from my previous letter, I am now in a position to inform you of specific times and days for your child’s return to school. We have allocated places for pupils with brothers and sisters at school on the same days to help families with childcare arrangements. Children will access school, in their year groups for one session a week from 9am to 1pm.


It has been confirmed that school will be open until 17th July 2020, therefore the “Check-in, Catch-up and Prepare” will be for a period of 3 weeks.


In order to reduce risk to all who are accessing the school site we will arrange for parents to drop off and pick up children at key points throughout these 3 weeks. We would ask that parents/ guardians stick to these allocated points and times when they pick up and drop off, observing social distancing at all times. Please avoid stopping and greeting friends as this will impede the safe entry and exit of other families.


Pupils HAVE to be escorted to and from school. Please can we ask that only one parent/guardian brings your child/ children to school. This will minimise the amount of people on site. There will be 2 metre markers outside all entrance points, please adhere to this social distancing.


Please ensure that your child is on time. We will be unable to admit any child who arrives late as their allocated entrance will be closed to ensure the safety of pupils. Pupils cannot be brought through the main entrance of the school.


Entry and Exit points

Foundation Phase children.

  • Reception pupils will use the nursery entrance.
  • Year 1 pupils will use their terrace door.
  • Year 2 pupils will use the entrance from the play yard.  (We are aware that this pathway is still in poor condition. However, the need to observe social distancing measures is of utmost importance at the moment and we need to ensure that all classes enter and exit school through a different door/pathway.  We believe it will be easier on this path as numbers of people using it will be greatly reduced.  Please take care when using this pathway to reduce the chance of any accidents and we ask that children are not allowed to run).


Key Stage 2 children.

  • Year 4 pupils will use Mrs Harvey’s terrace door.
  • Year 3 pupils will use Mr Davies’s terrace door.
  • Year 5 pupils will use the entrance by the gym/KS 2 library.
  • Year 6 pupils will use main Key Stage 2 entrance from the play yard.


Teachers and Teaching assistants will greet pupils at these entrance points between 8.55 – 9.10am and dismiss pupils (to adults) from 12:50 – 1:05pm.


Hub pupils will enter the school through the main entrance at 8:30am and dismissed through the main entrance at 3:30am by one of the Teaching Assistants on duty in the hub.


Parents will not be able to access school at any time.  Any parent who wishes to speak to school staff with an urgent matter will need to ring or email the school office and we will arrange for that parent to be called back (urgent matters only).   


ACCESS TO THE OFFICE IS NOT PERMITTED. Please contact the office via telephone or email.


The class teacher will contact you on Monday 22nd June 2020 to inform you of the day that your child will attend school from week beginning 29th June 2020.


We will continue to set work for on-going home learning to support pupils when they do not have the opportunity to access school itself.


This is a new way of working and we appreciate your patience. It is good that we are returning to school, but we must be mindful of the unprecedented times we are living in.  Returning to school needs to be safe, measured and carefully managed for all in our school community.


I hope that you found our “Questions and Answers” document useful – this has been shared on our website and Weduc app.


I will continue to keep you informed and truly appreciate all of your support.


Debra Guy

Head Teacher