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School September 2020

Dear Parents,

The Welsh Government have been advised that it will be safe to allow schools to return to full capacity from the third week of September 2020.  We welcome this decision.  To my knowledge there is no incidence of children or staff becoming infected from within the school environment across Wales.  Over the past 3 months when I have worked in the Hub I have always felt safe, while adhering to a different way of working.

The phased return to schooling in Malpas Court, which commenced on 29th June has been very successful.  It has been lovely to see children back in the building and enjoying each other’s' company.  I am proud of those pupils who have completed a fantastic range of work while distance learning and I thank all who have helped to make this chapter as successful as it could be.  There are definitely some lessons learnt by our learning community over this period which we need to further develop.  Ensuring our pupils are able to work from home is one of them.  We will be working with parents and pupils throughout this academic year to develop this way of learning, called “Distance Learning”.


I'm conscious that the world is still in the midst of a pandemic.  In Wales we seem to have passed the peak and are in a time of recovery.  As we move forward parents will potentially need to consider future lock down childcare if a second spike occurs.  If cases increase and advice moves the position of full capacity we will act quickly.  I sincerely hope this is not necessary but a contingency plan would be sensible.  However, at Malpas Court we will be prepared and we will provide you with strategies to enable you to support your child/children with home learning.

When we return, in September, there will still be strict adherence to enhanced procedures to reduce the risk of spreading the virus and some modifications will be necessary.

Over the next week further detail will become available to myself and together as a community we will need to sift through what is statutory and that which is guidance.  As Head of the school my number one priority will be the wellbeing and safety of all stakeholders.
Please be patient, as further information is shared from Welsh Government we will be able to plan the specific details.  I will share all relevant information as soon as I am able to.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Mrs Guy